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Posted Thursday, August 25, 2016 by WLRH News

Huntsville's summer chamber music festival returns this weekend and founders Matt McDonald and Susanna Phillips took time out of their busy schedules to chat with Ginny Kennedy about what's new and exciting with the popular event and what sets it apart from other festivals. The concerts feature a wide array of music performed by talented musicians from around the country including a new commission just for Huntsville. More information is at

  • South Koreans watch TV news showing a file image of Thae Yong Ho, a minister at the North Korean Embassy in London who recently defected to South Korea.

    Posted Sunday, August 28, 2016 by NPR News

    Defections appear to be on the rise, but it's difficult to tell what that means about relations between North and South — or the stability of Kim Jong Un's regime.

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A freshman at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has already directly contributed to the advancement of technology in space.

The Hometown Throwdown brings musicians, makers and artists together for an experience of community.

The dog days of summer are here and Therapy Partners of Huntsville is celebrating with its own dog days party this Friday August 19th.

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Invincible Iron Man — featuring the debut of a new hero, Riri Williams — is one five books Marvel is using to promote science, math, and arts disciplines through a series of covers.

The five covers feature the company's heroes — including Spiderman, Iron Man, and the Hulk — all engaging in activities educators have been trying to promote.

We think of college reunions as a time of fond memories. But as the years pass, those memories increasingly are of friends gone too soon. The lesson now is to learn to meet loss with grace.

This illustration depicts a yellow fever victim in a Jefferson Street home in Memphis. It's from a series of images entitled "The Great Yellow Fever Scourge — Incidents Of Its Horrors In The Most Fatal District Of The Southern States."

An outbreak in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo has raised concerns about the infamous and fearsome disease — once a scourge of the U.S., Panama and Spain.

A new study shows that economic and racial school readiness gaps have narrowed significantly over a 12-year period. Score one for parental engagement and quality pre-K. But huge gaps remain.

The amoebas that can cause rare brain infections resemble white blood cells under the microscope.

In Florida, perfect timing and alert medical staff saved a teen from almost certain death. But in North Carolina, one young woman died of an amoeba infection after rafting at a popular tourist site.



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