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Burritt on the Mountain's Majestic Minerals – Nature’s Building Blocks


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Burritt on the Mountain presents an exhibit of minerals and gemstones. The beauty of gold has captured the imagination since antiquity. If one is very lucky, it is easy to recover, and easy to form into jewelry and art objects. It has other useful properties, does not corrode, and retains a high value. Gold is both an element and a mineral, but it is only one of 118 known elements and one of over 4000 minerals. Elements and minerals display a wide variety of beautiful colors and exotic crystal shapes. Minerals combine to form rocks, which are old, heavy, hard, and ugly, or are they? Nature has provided us with a variety of rocks that are not only necessary for our society, but are often beautiful and treasured. Sometimes we see only the rough exterior, and miss the inner beauty. So it is, with rocks. In conjunction with the Gold Mountain summer program, the exhibit will explore rocks and minerals, how they form, and where they might be found in Alabama. This includes a large sampling of these beautiful wonders of nature. Earth science students may find the exhibit both useful and entertaining.

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