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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dear listener,
I've got some good news… and some bad news. The good news? We towed your car, sold it and the folks at WLRH wisely used the proceeds to pay for lots of great programming, including Morning Edition, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!, Science Friday and many others. The bad news? They apparently also used some of it to pay for Car Talk. Hey, even Einstein got stuff wrong. It happens. But here’s why we’re writing.

We know you've done a lot already. Everyone at WLRH appreciates that. But your kind donation also tipped us off that you care about the station. So we’re doing what any needy non-profit worth its tote bags would do with that information. We’re unceremoniously hitting you up again! We know that you agree with us that WLRH is deserving of your support. You listen regularly, and you know that the great stuff you hear at 89.3FM/HD costs real money to produce.

We know how hard the WLRH staff works (and no, not just compared to us!) to make the station always interesting and informative for you when you tune in. So we’re asking you to renew your membership today, using the handy enclosed card, or on-line at WLRH.ORG. We hope you’ll continue your support. WLRH is a crucial institution in Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley, one that educates, informs and, yes, occasionally provides lousy car advice. In exchange for your renewal, we promise not to tow away your new car. (Remember, we still have your address!)

Thanks for all you've done, and for being a great supporter of community radio in Huntsville.

Donate your vehicle to support WLRH by calling 1-866-789-8627!

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