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The Future of Downtown Huntsville - and Beyond

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

With Huntsville quite likely to become Alabama’s biggest city, its development work is constant. Dennis Madsen, who leads the city government’s long-term planning efforts, thinks of his job as guiding and managing growth, without dictating it. His work involves some exciting projects, and the less glamorous things necessary for them, like sewers. One of his big goals, right now, has to do with the Von Braun Center, beyond the planned expansion. He imagines people leaving the venue, after a concert, or a hockey game, and wants their surroundings to invite them, effectively, to explore much more of downtown. Madsen also spoke with Huntsville Public radio's Shane Scott about a new effort, to make better use of the city's Holmes Avenue corridor. You can stream or download that conversation here.

Much more information about the city's planning efforts is available through the Big Picture Huntsville website, including that about the master plans for downtown, and greenway expansion.

*artists' renderings of Huntsville planning concepts by Urban Design Associates

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