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Wooten, Beard, and Bowden to lead master classes at Maitland

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mario Maitland, Jr. is very busy directing and managing The Maitland Conservatory in Huntsville, which is a rapidly growing enterprise, and so much more than just a music focuses on the many dimensions of the art, and the business, of music. Master classes in mixing, production and songwriting will be held there on July 22nd. The Maitland Conservatory is located at 5045 Memorial Parkway NW; the master classes will feature experts Kelvin Wooten, Daniel Beard, and Dion Bowden. More info is available at or on Facebook. WLRH's Beth Norwood got a chance to chat with Mario Maitland, Jr. about the Conservatory, and also with Mario Maitland III, who is a very busy 5-year-old currently learning piano and drums; their conversation follows.

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