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Is your old heap ready to go? It's been good to you, so why not let it do one more good thing and benefit WLRH? All you have to do is click "Donate Now" to get started.

Donate Now Online or call (866) 789-8627.

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On this site, you'll find information to help you decide whether it makes financial sense for you to donate your car, truck or RV instead of selling it or trading it in.  You'll also find answers to questions about how it all works, and questions about tax deductability. If you still have questions, click here to send an email or call (866) 789-8627.

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Just click on "Donate Your Used Car." Then, fill out a simple online form or call the 800 phone number—and you'll quickly have room in your driveway for that new 2005 you've been eyeing. Car Talk's national partner, V-DAC, then arranges for the pick up of the vehicle and its title. It couldn't be easier! From there, the car is sold (or dismantled, if it's like one of Tommy's cars), with the proceeds benefiting WLRH.

A vehicle donation is more than a way to just get rid of an unwanted car. It will help WLRH and give you tax savings. You get to deduct the value of the vehicle when it is sold through our partners, V-DAC. They'll notify you of the sale price and, bingo — you get to keep Uncle Sam's mitts off those dollars, and help out your local NPR station in one fell swoop. Neat? We think so.

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