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The Arts Underground "Creepy Crawlies" (August 13, 2016)

Remember that crazy toy that came out in the nineteen-seventies, the one where you would cook small blobs of colorful rubber into flowers, wiggly worms, strange creatures and such, that you could put in your pockets and carry around with you, after the rubber figures had sufficiently cooled? Well composers and poets too are sometimes inspired by crawling creeping things...and today we'll hear music to this effect by several composers (including Beata Moon's Dragonfly piece and Johann Strauss Jr.'s Moths waltzes), and a poem by Out Loud Poet Sharon Singletary about her experience with a snake. Thanks to Bobby Milk for up-to-the-minute, over-the-edge sound editing and to Kimberly Casey of Out Loud! Huntsville for wrangling a large bunch of wiggly poets, which she does with aplomb.

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Monday, August 15, 2016



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