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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion (December 10, 2016)

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Stanislaw Maczek commanded the only Polish Army unit that was never defeated by the Nazis. Indeed, Col. Maczek’s brigade held off two German armored divisions for several days. Later, he and a small number of Polish soldiers helped to defend France from invasion in 1940. Next, he and his Polish soldiers went to Scotland. But finally, he and his First Polish Armored Division landed at Normandy and helped to free the Netherlands from Nazi domination. The Dutch city of Breda is especially fond of its Polish liberators and that is where General Macezek was buried when he died at the age of 102. Today’s edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion begins with a march written to honor General Maczek.

  1. March General Maczek (1984)
    Composer:   Jan Faes (1925-1997)
    Performer:  Polish Army Concert Band
    Album:  Salute from Poland
  2. Mars der Medici (March of the Doctors, 1938)
    Composer:   Johan Wichers (1887-1956)
    Performer:  Royal Dutch Military Band
    Album:  Salute from Holland
  3. Jingle Bells
    Composer:   James Pierpont (1822-1893)
    Performer:  U.S. Army Materiel Command Band
    Album:  Celebating the Holidays
  4. Lo! He Comes in Clouds Descending (1752) (Tune name: Helmsley)
    Composer:   Martin Madan (1725- 1790), Charles Cennick (1718-1755), and Charles Wesley (1707-1788)
    Performer:  Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral and English Brass Ensemble
    Album:  Christmas Music from St. Paul's
  5. With Clouds Descending
    Composer:   Philip Sparke (1951- )
    Performer:  Nagoya University of Arts Wind Orchestra
    Album:  Unknown Journey
  6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    Composer:   Arranged by Gordon Goodwin
    Performer:   Big Phat Band
    Album:  Bah, Hum Duck!
  7. A Happy Night in Paradise
    Composer:  Traditional
    Performer:   Klezmer Conservatory Band
    Album:  Oy Chanukah!
  8. Best of INXS
    Composer:  Arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
    Performer:  Midwest Winds
    Album:  Unknown Journey
  9. La Vouivre
    Composer:   Thomas Doss (1966- )
    Performer:  Royal Netherlands Army Band a.k.a. JWF Band
    Album:  Unknown Journey

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Saturday, December 10, 2016



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