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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion (Feburary 2, 2019)

Percussion no longer gets short shrift on Brass, Reeds, and Pecussion because this edition featurea a snare-drum solo. Alexander Borodin never finished his opera Prince Igor. Instead, the performing version was prepared by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Glazunov. Perhaps one of the most famous pieces from this opera is the “Polovtsian Dances.” Today’s edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion features a snare drum solo based on this composition, written by the Japanese composer Masmichi Amano. We certainly shouldn’t discredit this approach since Rimsky-Korskov and Glazunov did much the same when they prepared the perform version of Prince Igor. The resulting sound is very different though.

  1. Final Countdown
    Composer:  Joey Tempest (1963- )
    Performer:  Brass Band Willebroek
    Album:  Bernaerts Music: 25th Year Anniversary
  2. Polovtsian Dances (snare drum solo)
    Composer:  Alexander Borodin (1833-1887), arranged by Masamichi Amano (1957- )
    Performer:  Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
    Album:  I Got Rhythm
  3. Melodies from Opera "Frau Luna"
    Composer:  Paul Lincke (1866-1946), arranged by Hans Joachim Rhinow
    Performer:  Berlin Police Band
    Album:  Berlin bleibt doch Berlin (Berlin Is Still Berlin)
  4. Poeme Montagnard (1997)
    Composer:  Jan Van der Roost (1956- )
    Performer:  Osakan Philharmonic Winds
    Album:  Spartacus
  5. Brasilia (for solo trombone and wind symphony)
    Composer:  Robin Dewhurst (1965- )
    Performer:  Saxon Wind Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet
    Album:  Soul of the Plains: Venezuelan Music
  6. Dances With Wolves
    Composer:  John Barry (1933-2011)
    Performer:  Brass Band Willebroek
    Album:  Bernaerts Music: 25th Year Anniversary

Air Date: 

Saturday, February 2, 2019



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