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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion (July 14, 2018): Battle of Chateau Thierry

On July 15, 1918, near Chateau Thierry in France, the German military forces launched an attack on the American Expeditionary Force under the command of General John "Black Jack" Pershing. This battle what is part of an overall operation called the Second Battle of the Marne. The Marne River was located 50 miles from Paris. On July 18, the Americans responded with a surprise attack on the Germans. To commemorate the Battle of Chateau Thierry, today's edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion will feature music that American soldiers might have heard, much of it either composed or recorded during 1918.

  1. Bravura (1918)
    Composer:  Charles E. Duble (1884-1960)
    Performer:  U.S. Army Cermonial Band
    Album:  American Spirit
  2. Tiger Rag (recorded 1918)
    Composer:  Nick LaRocca (1889-1961)
    Performer:  Original Dixieland Jazz Band
    Album:  Phonographic Yearbook: 1918
  3. Fields of Honor
    Composer:  Thierry Deleruyelle (1980?- )
    Performer:  Voltige Orchestra
    Album:  Winds on Fire
  4. Variations on America (1892 for organ)
    Composer:  Charles Ives (1874-1954), arranged by William Rhoads
    Performer:  U.S. Coast Guard Band
    Album:  Americana
  5. They Were All Out of Step But Jim (recorded 1918)
    Composer:  Irving Berlin (1888-1989)
    Performer:  Sung by Billy Murray with unknown band
    Album:  Phonographic Yearbook: 1918
  6. Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here (published & recorded in 1917)
    Composer:  Theodora Morse (words, 1883-1953) & Arthur Sullivan (music, 1842-1900)
    Performer:  Sung by Irving Kaufman & Columbia Quartette with unknown band
    Album:  Phonographic Yearbook: 1918
  7. Another Little Drink Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm (1916)
    Composer:  Clifford Grey (1887-1941) and Nate Ayer (1887-1952)
    Performer:  Sung Edgar Trevor and Cecil Cooper with unknown band
    Album:  Oh, I'ts a Lovely War, Vol. 3
  8. Darktown Strutters' Ball (1917)
    Composer:  Shelton Brooks (1886-1975)
    Performer:  Dukes of Dixieland
    Album:  Fabulous Sound of Dukes of Dixieland
  9. Alexander's Ragtime Band
    Composer:  Irving Berlin
    Performer:  Sung by Arthur Collins with unkown band
    Album:  Songs of World War I: 1914-18
  10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
    Composer:  Irving Berlin
    Performer:  Chestnut Brass Company
    Album:  Berlin for Brass
  11. When Alexander Takes His Band to France
    Composer:   Alfred Bryan & Edgar Leslie (lyrics) and Cliff Hess (music)
    Performer:  Sung by Marion Harris with unknown band
    Album:  Songs of World War I: 1914-18

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Saturday, July 14, 2018



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