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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion (June 24, 2017)

Today’s edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion will feature music about mountain cats and hot canaries. We’ll begin the show with “El Gato Montes,” which translates as “the mountain cat.” It’s a famous Spanish pasdodoble composed in 1916 by Manual Penella Morena. We follow the pasodoble with a big hit from 1949 by violinist Paul Nero called the “Hot Canary.” The 1949 hit was played on violin, but the version we’ll hear is played on euphonium—because, of course, Brass, Reeds, and Percussion has a rule against fiddles. Paul Nero was born in Germany, but immigrated to the United States and played in the U.S. Navy. Dance Band during WW II.

  1. El Gato Montes (1916)
    Composer:  Manuel Penella Moreno (1880-1939)
    Performer:  Symphonic Band La Artistica of Bunol
    Album:  Pasodobles
  2. Hot Canary
    Composer:  Paul Nero (1917-1958)
    Performer:  Corey Band
    Album:  Enter the Galaxies
    Also see.
  3. Attila Quickstep (1846)
    Composer:  based on melody by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), arranged by Claudio S. Grafulla (1812–1880)
    Performer:  Olde Towne Brass
    Album:  Olde Towne Brass Live
  4. Song for You
    Composer:  Klaus Jurgen Herrmansdorfer
    Performer:  Alpenblech (Alpine Brass)
    Album:  Blasmusik vom Feinstein
  5. When You Wore a Tulip (written and recorded in 1914)
    Composer:  Percy Wenrich (music, 1887-1952) and Jack Mahoney (words, ?)
    Performer:  American Quartet
    Album:  Songs of the Great War
  6. Yankee Doodle (featuring keyed bugle)
    Composer:  Traditional, circa 1860
    Performer:  Olde Towne Brass
    Album:  Olde Towne Brass Live
  7. Sonatas 26 and 24
    Composer:  Johann Christoph Pezel (1639-1694)
    Performer:  Berlin Trombone Quintet
    Album:  Tochter Zion, Freue Dich
  8. James Bond 007
    Composer:   Various, arranged by Johan de Meij (1953- )
    Performer:  Bavarian Police Band
    Album:  Droben Im Hohen Suden
  9. Tubaphonix
    Composer:  Franz Cibulka (1946-2016)
    Performer:  Bavarian Police Band
    Album:  Droben Im Hohen Suden
  10. Treskow Regiment March
    Composer:  Unknown, circa 1800
    Performer:  German Air Force Band 4 Berlin
    Album:  Old Prussian Military Music

Air Date: 

Saturday, June 24, 2017



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