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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion (June 30, 2018): Robert B. Hall Day and Fourth of July

This edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion celebrates Robert B. Hall Day, in solidarity with the citizens of Maine, as well as the Fourth of July. It features music written during WW I.

Although Robert Browne Hall probably never traveled to more than three states—his home state of Maine, New York, and Massachusetts—his music has traveled around the world. I just discovered several of his marches published by a Dutch music company. His music is so popular in Britain, the British think he is one of their own. As declared by the governor of Maine, the last day of June is Robert B. Hall Day in Maine. And certainly the music of this composer of American music is a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July as well. Brass, Reeds, and Percussion begins with Call to the Color, a bugle call that is used to honor the flag when a band isn't available to play the Star Spangled Banner.

  1. To the Color
    Composer:  Unknown
    Performer:  U.S. Army Ceremonial Band
    Album:  American Spirit
  2. Star Spangled Banner
    Composer:  Arranged by Edward Beyer (1830-?)
    Performer:  Americus Brass Band
    Album:  Wild West Music of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Band
  3. Death or Glory (1895, a.k.a. Tenth Regiment March)
    Composer:  Robert Browne Hall (1858-1922)
    Performer:  Grimethorpe Colliery Band
    Album:  Brassed Off (sound track)
  4. Officer of the Day
    Composer:  Robert Browne Hall (1858-1922)
    Performer:  Eastman Wind Ensemble
    Album:  Screamers and March Time
  5. God Bless America (1918)
    Composer:  Irving Berlin (1888-1989)
    Performer:  Regimental Band of U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
    Album:  Hereos of New York
  6. Black Jack March (1918), to honor General John "Black Jack" Pershing
    Composer:  Fred Huffer (1879-1943)
    Performer:  Texas A&M University Band
    Album:  Legacy of the March, Vol. 3
  7. E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One, 1917)
    Composer:  Fred Jewell (1875-1936)
    Performer:  Texas A&M University Band
    Album:  Legacy of the March, Vol. 4
  8. Yankee Doodle
    Composer:  Traditional, traced to 15th century Dutch harvest song
    Performer:  Fifes and Drums of Middlesex County Volunteers
    Album:  Military Music from the Age of Reason
  9. National Emblem (1906)
    Composer:  E. E. Bagley (1857-1922)
    Performer:  Texas A&M University Band
    Album:  Legacy of the March, Vol. 4
  10. Festival Overture on the Star Spangled Banner (1879)
    Composer:  Dudley Buck (1839-1909)
    Performer:  Army Ground Forces Band
    Album:  Made in America
  11. Armed Forces Medley (2003)
    Composer:  Arranged by Lt. Col. Dwayne S. Milburn
    Performer:  Army Ground Forces Band
    Album:  Made in America
  12. American Fantasy (1893)
    Composer:  Victor Herbert
    Performer:  Detroit Concert Band
    Album:  America the Beautiful
  13. Oh, How I Hate To Get Up in Morning (recorded 1918)
    Composer:  Irving Berlin
    Performer:  Sung by Arthur Fields (1884-1953) and unknown band
    Album:  1918: Like Sunshine After Rain
  14. March Funebre
    Composer:  Robert Browne Hall (1858-1922)
    Performer:  U.S. Navy Band
    Album:  Heritage of the March, Vol. 1

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Saturday, June 30, 2018



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