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Public Radio Hour "COVID Masks & Tests; White Lies; Sundial" 7-23-20

Last week, we concluded a special NPR podcast series, 'White Lies.' This week, we follow up with the show’s co-host, Andrew Grace, on works in progress and get a behind the scenes account of the making of the series. And we’ll hear a captivating work of prose by Sundial Writers Corner contributor and Huntsville Literary Association Young Writers Contest winner, Calvin Engstrom. WLRH's Katy Ganaway hosts this week, with Brett Tannehill producing.


Want to know more about the stories featured in 'White Lies'? Click here: https://apps.npr.org/white-lies/


And explore how the 'White Lies' podcast was made by clicking here: https://apps.npr.org/white-lies/index.html#evidence


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Thursday, July 23, 2020

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