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The Public Radio Hour " COVID Testing 1..2..3.." [4/16/20]

In this episode of The Public Radio Hour... You're feeling sick with symptoms of the novel coronavirus, so you go get a test-- you get the swab up the nose, and then... you wait in isolation. What's happening while you're waiting, and what does the future look like for coronavirus testing? Host Brett Tannehill talks with Dr. Neil Lamb, vice president of educational outreach at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology about testing, herd immunity and how we might eventually establish a new normal. We'll also hear from Thrive Alabama CEO Mary Elizabeth Marr about her agency's experience providing COVID19 tests to the public and efforts to work with Huntsville's homeless community. WLRH producers Katy Ganaway and Sarah Williamson also share insights into their recent experiences with quarantines and isolation.

HudsonAlpha's Shareable Science Video Series: https://hudsonalpha.org/shareable-science/

Thrive Alabama: https://thrivealabama.org/


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Thursday, April 16, 2020

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