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Public Radio Hour 'Race to the Moon pt1' (3/28/19)

In this episode of The Public Radio Hour, we'll have the first of a two-part discussion with NASA's chief historian Dr. Bill Barry and Marshall Space Flight Center historian Brian Odom about America's 'Race to the Moon. We'll also explore the legacy of Werner von Braun, and his connection to the Nazi party and to desegregation in Alabama. We'll also preview Bicentennial events around Huntsville with Sally Warden, executive director of the Huntsville Madison County Bicentennial Committee. And we'll close out Women's History Month with a series of commentaries from the WLRH Sundial Writers Corner.

CLICK HERE for information on Bicentennial events in Huntsville and Madison County

CLICK HERE for information on The Race to the Future 5K

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

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