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The Public Radio Hour - "Slang at Lee High, Good-byes and Panoply" (May 10, 2018)

On this episode of The Public Radio Hour, we explore the concert of slang with Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, hosts of A Way with Words. We also hear from two long-time WLRH hosts, Beth Norwood and Judy Watters, as they revisit memorable on-air experiences and look ahead to the future. WLRH Community Newsroom producer Kathy Jones also takes us on an audio tour of the Panoply Arts Festival.

Slang terms shared by students at Lee High School in Huntsville AL ...

forf n. someone who says they will do something but doesn’t; a flake, a liar. Also v., to forf.

bet adj., interj. for sure, yes, okay, good, cool, etc. Often duplicated as bet bet or bet bet bet.

to cap, capping, cappin’ v. to brag, exaggerate about oneself, show off, put on airs, front, floss. Also: no cap n. no lie. From high caphigh-capping.

wig-snatch v. to impress or overwhelm someone, especially in a positive way. Also to have one’s edges snatched. Also adj. wig-snatched; edged.

OMM, on my mama, on ma, on God, on me, on baby interj. “I swear” or “on my honor.”

say less v. phr. say no more or stop talking, usually said in the imperative.

snack/snak/snac n. an attractive person. “You look like a good snack.” Also, someone is a whole meal.

yeet 1. an interjection of surprise, excitement, approval. 2. something to say when you have tricked someone, similar to psych/sike.


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