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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Has Been Trolling Trump On Twitter For Months

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 12:05pm

Throughout the presidential campaign, the linguistic institution developed its funny style of delicately poking at Donald Trump and his associates on Twitter.

(Image credit: Marian Carrasquero/NPR)

Roxane Gay Pulls Book, Protesting Breitbart Editor's 'Egregious' Book Deal

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 10:10am

When she realized her book was on an imprint of Simon & Schuster, which is also publishing controversial conservative Milo Yiannopoulos, "I just couldn't bring myself to turn the book in," Gay said.

(Image credit: Jay Grabiec/Grove Atlantic)

A Dog's Actual Purposes, Based On Unscientific Observation Of Real Dogs

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 9:44am

In light of the new film A Dog's Purpose, we consider the actual purposes of dogs. They involve loud noises, tongues, and watching television.

(Image credit: Joe Lederer/Universal Pictures)

'The Spider And The Fly' Gets Stuck In A Web Of Self-Regard

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 9:00am

Reporter Claudia Rowe documents her fascination with serial killer Kendall Francois in The Spider and the Fly — but the book focuses on Rowe's thoughts and needs at the expense of the victims.

(Image credit: Marian Carrasquero/NPR)

How Mary Tyler Moore Helped Me Live With Type 1 Diabetes

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 8:05am

Mary Tyler Moore was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just before The Mary Tyler Moore Show launched. If Mary could take it on with a smile, I thought, maybe those daily shots wouldn't be so bad.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Miriam Tucker)

The Black Panther, At Odds With Himself And His Country In 'A Nation Under Our Feet'

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 6:00am

Ta-Nehisi Coates continues his tangled, philosophical (and big-selling) superhero tale with Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet. Coates' storytelling resonates, but his character can often ramble.

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Sri Lanka's 'Kithul' Palm Syrup: An Ancient Sweetener In Need Of Saving

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 6:00am

Sri Lanka's most popular sweetener is disappearing, due to the destruction of rainforests, inconsistent yields, intensive labor and a fading workforce. And turning the tide isn't going to be easy.

(Image credit: Dinesh Valke/Flickr)

Mary Tyler Moore: On Her Own, Single And Singular

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 4:05am

Actress Mary Tyler Moore helped redefine women's roles on TV. She starred in one of the first hit shows to feature a single career woman — The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Moore died Wednesday at age 80.

(Image credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

'A Funny Ingenue': Rachel Bloom On The Influence Of Mary Tyler Moore

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 9:13pm

Mary Tyler Moore died Wednesday at 80 years old. Host Linda Holmes talks to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and co-creator Rachel Bloom about how one very funny woman of television influenced many others.

(Image credit: Lisa Rose/The CW; CBS via Getty Images)

'The Founder' Follows Salesman's Genius Idea To Franchise McDonald's

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 3:27pm

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with screenwriter Robert Siegel about writing the screenplay for The Founder, which follows McDonald's chain founder Ray Kroc.

'1984' Tops Amazon Bestseller List After Trump Aide's 'Alternative Facts'

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 3:27pm

George Orwell's 1949 novel, 1984, was a hit when it came out, slipped into obscurity, and then was reborn after the BBC adapted it. It's remained popular ever since, but the Trump administration's "alternative facts" have pushed it to the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

She Turned The World On With Her Smile: Mary Tyler Moore Dies At 80

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 2:09pm

The comedic actress was loved for her roles on The Dick Van Dyke Show and, later, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. To this day, however, it's her comedy that endures.

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox Television/Fotos International/Getty Images)

In 'Lara,' The True Story Of Pasternak's Muse And Mistress

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 6:00am

What price love? In Lara, Anna Pasternak chronicles her famous great-uncle Boris's relationship with his mistress, Olga Ivinskaya — whose connection with the author landed her in the gulags.

(Image credit: )

'La La Land' Scoops Up 14 Academy Awards Nominations

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 3:27pm

Academy Awards nominations were announced Tuesday with the musical, La La Land, receiving 14 nominations, tying a record.

For Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, A Second Life On The Small Screen

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 1:50pm

A new TV series recounts the life of the late strongman — and suggests his rule laid the groundwork for the food shortages, hyperinflation and political polarization plaguing Venezuela today.

(Image credit: Manuel Rodriguez/Sony Pictures)

'A Really Good Day' Recaps A Month-Long Adventure Of Microdosing LSD

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 12:33pm

Ayelet Waldman's new memoir describes her experiences with a variant of bipolar disorder, and her attempts to self-medicate with LSD. Critic Maureen Corrigan calls it a "gutsy ... really good story."

(Image credit: Marian Carrasquero/NPR)

2017 Oscar Nominations: 'La La Land' Leads With 14, Including Best Picture

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 9:30am

Among the nine nominees for Oscar's best picture include La La Land, Moonlight, Arrival, Fences and Lion. The 89th Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday morning.

Satirist Takes Berlin Holocaust Memorial Selfie-Takers To Task

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 9:12am

A Berlin-based Israeli satirist tweaks selfies taken at the memorial to elicit discomfort — and reflection. The memorial, he says, is "not just another backdrop for goofy selfies."

(Image credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Simon Tolkien Draws On His Famous Grandfather's Experiences In 'No Man's Land'

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 6:00am

Simon Tolkien's new novel was inspired by his grandfather J.R.R.'s time on the Somme — but in theme, tone and style, it owes more to Charles Dickens than to The Lord of the Rings.

(Image credit: )

'Why Time Flies' Investigates How Humans Experience Time

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 3:31pm

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Alan Burdick about his book, Why Time Flies. It's an investigation of the sometimes contradictory ways we experience time.




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