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Have A Spring Fling With These 3 April Romances

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 6:00am

As we wait endlessly for spring to really spring, we're consoling ourselves with three new romances — from a designing duke to a spymaster to a straight-laced librarian who lets go for one night.

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In 'The Burning Shores,' Libya Blossoms — Briefly — Before Unraveling

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 9:36pm

Author Frederic Wehrey's new book follows the country's turmoil after the overthrow and death of dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Even though universities are now open, Wehry says there's still deep trauma.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Frederic Wehrey)

Life Above A Library Was Like Living In Neverland

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 5:20pm

Sharon Washington grew up in an apartment above a branch of the New York Public Library — her father was its custodian. After hours, she had the run of the place. She tells that story in a new play.

White House Issues Blistering Attack On Comey's Anti-Trump Memoir

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 5:04pm

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders blasted ex-FBI chief James Comey, who is about to release a memoir that is highly critical of President Trump.

(Image credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Saudi Arabia's First Arab Fashion Week Kicks Off, Beyond Fashionably Late

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 1:51pm

The fashion show, which only women are invited to view, is the newest entertainment opportunity to emerge in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

(Image credit: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images)

A Tormented Veteran Rescues Kids From Abuse In 'You Were Never Really Here'

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 1:23pm

Joaquin Phoenix plays a shattered soul who makes his way as a thug-for-hire in director Lynne Ramsay's brutal and unsparing new crime film. Justin Chang calls the movie "superior art-house pulp."

The True, The Real And The Beautiful: 7 Years Of 'Cosmos And Culture'

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:45am

Through science commentary, we created a place for exploration of deep, complex issues. There's a hunger in all of us for more than just facts — we hunger for meaning, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.

(Image credit: NASA)

Ask Me Another Again Later

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

Host Ophira Eisenberg and house musician Jonathan Coulton answer yes-or-no trivia questions, then compare their answers to those of the classic lo-fi toy.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Power Ballads

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

We rewrote classic power ballads to be about things that run on battery power.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Mad Skillz

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

We've taken the liberty of drafting new LinkedIn profiles for famous people, all of whom have names that sound like jobs or occupations. Can you identify the celebrity?

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Guitar Heroes

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

For this audio quiz, we visited the Brooklyn Guitar School and recorded some enthusiastic, beginner guitar students as they attempted to shred some of their favorite tunes.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Not What I Nintended

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

We imagine what would happen if some unlikely movies were adapted into video games.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Which Came First?

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

MTV or PBS? Mickey Mouse or Mickey Mantle? Captain Kangaroo or Cap'n Crunch? With victory on the line, contestants must determine which came first. It's a question as old as chickens. Or eggs.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine: Muse Clues

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:15am

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine talks us through the challenges of playing Ronnie on Showtime's The Chi. Then we challenge the actor, filmmaker, and photographer to a game about his personal muses.

(Image credit: Mike Katzif/NPR)

No More Hotel Auditions, Says Union Representing Actors

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 8:50am

SAG-AFTRA is calling for an end to auditions in private hotel rooms or residences, after a spate of sexual harassment allegations against powerful Hollywood figures.

(Image credit: Vince Bucci/Invision/AP)

In 'A Higher Loyalty,' James Comey Describes An 'Unethical, Untethered' President

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 7:35am

NPR's Ron Elving says the former FBI director's new memoir is unlikely to convert the committed partisans on either side. Instead, it may well cause further entrenchment.

(Image credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

Invisibilia: Punks Policing Their Own

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 7:17am

When someone in your community transgresses, do you banish them? Purge them in an attempt to make the community safer for everyone?

(Image credit: Sara Wong for NPR)

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Antiques Roadshow'

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 6:00am

To talk about the PBS institution that celebrates used crap and how much it may or may not be worth, we're joined by the host of NPR's Bullseye — and lifelong used-crap devotee — Jesse Thorn.

(Image credit: Meredith Nierman/PBS)

Not Enough Color In American Art Museums

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 5:00am

A new curator has been named to oversee the Brooklyn Museum's collection of African art. She's got an impressive resume, but she's white, and that's fueling a larger debate about diversity in museums.

(Image credit: Jupiterimages/Getty Images)

Will Robinson, Meet Danger; Danger, Will Robinson: The 'Lost In Space' Reboot

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 4:00am

Netflix's remake of the campy 1960s series is everything that show was not: dark, suspenseful, with great-looking special effects. It gets a bit repetitive, but it's worth sticking with.

(Image credit: Netflix)




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