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SEC Says Cybercriminals Hacked Its Files, May Have Used Secret Data For Trading

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 10:37pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission says the "nonpublic information" might have given the intruders an edge in the markets, but didn't contain personally identifiable information.

Hurricane Season Takes Its Toll On Home Sales And Builder Optimism

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 4:26pm

The recent, enormous storms have hit the industry, with several signs turning negative. But economists expect a rebound when the weather improves.

(Image credit: Gerald Herbert/AP)

President Trump's Decision On Iran Nuclear Deal Could Affect Boeing Sales

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:49pm

Boeing has been one of the big winners with the Iran nuclear deal with two deals worth roughly $20 billion with Iranian airlines. This could be in jeopardy if President Trump does not certify Iran's compliance with the accord.

Fed's Unwinding Of Crisis Programs Expected To Push Up Interest Rates Very Gradually

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 1:35pm

The Federal Reserve in October will begin unwinding the extraordinary stimulus it used to battle the Great Recession. That means that over the long run, rates on car loans and mortgages could go up.

(Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The Department Of Education Cuts Off A Student Loan Watchdog

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 5:18am

The education department has terminated two agreements with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Here's why that matters.

(Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR)

Global Plan To Streamline 'Use By' Food Labels Aims To Cut Food Waste

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 5:00am

Confusion over "sell by" and "use by" dates is one reason why billions of tons of food are tossed each year. A new global initiative of food giants, including Walmart and Nestle, aims to tackle that.

(Image credit: mrtom-uk//iStockphoto)

Quantity Of 'Skills' Doesn't Mean Quality In Amazon Echo's Alexa

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 4:10am

Amazon Echo's Alexa has helped people do all sorts of tasks. Although Alexa now has more than 15,000 so-called "skills," critics say that many of Amazon's skills are low-quality.

Who Controls Think Tanks? Shift In Funding Highlights Changes In The Industry

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 4:10am

Increasingly, wealthy business people are funding think tanks. As one political scientist notes, they tend to "want to know exactly what they're getting for their dollars' worth."

Equifax Confirms Another 'Security Incident'

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 8:46pm

Equifax is already struggling to retain public trust after it waited at least a month to disclose a cyberattack that potentially impacted the personal information of millions of people.

(Image credit: Mike Stewart/AP)

Fox News Fights Back On Lawsuit Filed Over Seth Rich Story

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 4:53pm

Fox News denies that a source in its story about Rich's murder was defamed. Rod Wheeler alleges the network put words in his mouth in order to prop up what he characterized as a fraudulent story.

(Image credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Eyeing Toys R Us' Future, Analyst Suggests Hands-On Displays

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 3:59pm

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Jim Silver, toy expert and CEO of TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More), a website that reviews toys. They talk about Toys R Us' bankruptcy declaration and the state of the toy industry.

41 States To Investigate Pharmaceutical Companies Over Opioids

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 3:02pm

The states' attorneys general are banding together to investigate the makers and distributors of powerful opioid painkillers that have led to a spike in opiate addictions and overdose deaths.

(Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Fraternity Members' Defamation Case Against 'Rolling Stone' Can Proceed, Court Says

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 12:37pm

A U.S. appeals court says three members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity have a plausible case that they were implicated in a now-retracted story about an alleged gang rape at U.Va.

(Image credit: Jay Paul/Getty Images)

Rise Of The Beerbots: Is Tech Taking The Craft Out Of Homebrewing?

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 10:44am

Automated systems have turned the messy, ancient art of brewing into a tidy hobby requiring fairly minimal skill, and of course, a smartphone or tablet. Critics ask: Where's the craft in that?

(Image credit: Courtesy of PicoBrew)

Silicon Valley's Ellen Pao Tackles Sex Discrimination, Workplace Diversity In Memoir

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 4:21am

The tech investor dives into the lawsuit that thrust her into the national spotlight and the workplace discrimination that prompted it. She says firms are largely applying "tepid diversity solutions."

(Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Dollar Is Weaker, But That May Not Be A Bad Thing

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 4:04am

The dollar is down nearly 10 percent since the beginning of the year. That's bad news if you're a tourist traveling to Europe but great news if your U.S. company sells goods overseas.

(Image credit: agcuesta/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Ahead Of The Holiday Season, Toys 'R' Us Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 2:52am

The largest U.S. toy chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection late Monday. Toys 'R' Us plans to use $3 billion in bankruptcy financing to buy merchandise from vendors and fund operations.

(Image credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Toys )

Cities Try Convincing Amazon They're Ready For Its New Headquarters

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 4:53pm

Atlanta, Denver and other cities are making their cases for the online giant to locate its second headquarters in their area. At stake: up to 50,000 well-paying jobs and billions in investments.

(Image credit: Glenn Chapman/Getty Images)

Fuel Shortages And The North Korean Economy, Explained

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 9:27am

A recent tweet by President Trump about long gas lines in North Korea reopens questions about what's going on in the country's opaque economy after several rounds of economic sanctions.

(Image credit: Wong Maye-E/AP)

Looking For Analog: Old Button-Mashing Arcades Come Back For A New Generation

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 9:11am

"I know I didn't grow up with arcades, but ... I enjoy talking with my dad about it and it's just something we bonded over," says one 17-year-old player.

(Image credit: Sebastien Berda/AFP/Getty Images)




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