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Updated: 1 hour 43 min ago

WATCH: Israel's New Low-Cost Airline Has Catchy Safety Video

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:24am

The safety message is described as a "sort of cross between a Ricky Martin video, mixed with Devo's "Whip It" and a heaping spoonful of Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible."

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TurboTax Maker Linked To Fight Against 'Return-Free' Tax System

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 11:20am

People who took a stand against a proposed tax-filing change were part of a grass-roots campaign orchestrated to help Intuit, according to nonprofit newsroom ProPublica.

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Apple Upgrade Tracks Customers Even When Marketing Apps Are Off

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 10:50am

Apple's Bluetooth-based customer tracking system, iBeacon, just got better, if you ask marketers. But privacy researchers aren't so sure.

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Retailers Want Your Tax Refund

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 4:17am

It's the deadline to file your taxes. And if you're getting a money back, retailers want it. They're offering sales and promotions to separate you from your hard-earned refund.

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2 Senior Executives Leave General Motors

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 4:17am

The departures of the senior vice presidents for Communications and for Human Resources, follows on the heels of strong criticism of the company's handling of the recall of nearly 2.6 million cars.

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Florida's Freshwater Springs Attract Vacationers

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 4:17am

Florida is most popular for its beaches and theme parks but it has hundreds of freshwater springs too. In central Florida, no springs may be more prized than those at Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

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The 7.5 Million Insured Through Obamacare Are Only Part Of The Story

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 2:24am

Millions signed up for health insurance through state exchanges and But another several million bypassed the exchanges and bought health coverage directly from insurers.

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A Small Tablet Company Brings High-Tech Hopes To Haiti

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 2:23am

A tablet computer assembled in Port-au-Prince makes the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation the latest player on the high-tech stage. Economists hope such jobs help grow Haiti's middle class.

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Social Security Chief: Women Live Longer, So They Should Save Early

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 2:21am

For women, lower average career earnings translate into smaller Social Security payments. Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn Colvin says women shouldn't wait to start saving for retirement.

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Ooops! US Airways Accidentally Includes Lewd Photo In Tweet

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 4:59pm

Airlines commonly use Twitter to address the concerns of customers. When US Airways did that Monday, its response included a graphic picture of a naked woman.

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When The Wealthy Need Cash, Pawn Shops Can Be Appealing

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:01pm

The pawnbroker Borro has high-end customers, but it's not the only pawn shop that caters to the wealthy. Why are the rich turning to a type of credit usually associated with lower-income clients?

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Restaurants: The Modern-Day Lab For Our Smartphone-Obsessed Ways

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 2:57pm

Servers and bartenders say those addictive glowing screens are changing restaurant experiences, and not for the better. "This is just sort of the new norm," psychology professor Thomas Plante says.

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Pulitzer Prizes Are Out: 'Washington Post,' 'The Guardian' Win For NSA Stories

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 2:15pm

Months after exposing the National Security Agency's surveillance program, The Washington Post and The Guardian win a Pulitzer for public service. Donna Tartt won for fiction with The Goldfinch.

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Japan May Send Maglev Train Expertise To U.S., Without A Fee

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:06am

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has spoken about the idea with President Obama, and Japan is reportedly willing to include billions of dollars in loans to help underwrite the expensive project.

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Deficit Forecasts Shaved, But Likely Won't Shrink Much Longer

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 10:32am

While the Congressional Budget Office has lowered its shortfall projections for the next few years, it warns that deficits will start rising substantially again unless policymakers act.

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Record Beef Prices May Lead Grillers To Cheaper Cuts Of Meat

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:59am

The Southwestern drought has lead to higher feed prices and a tighter supply of beef, just as demand for it from countries like China is rising. But cuts of beef like back ribs won't break the bank.

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What Girl Wouldn't Want A KFC Corsage?

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:59am

It's prom season and KFC wants to get in on the action. For $20, prom goers can order a corsage. Because of food safety, the chicken isn't included — it's to be picked up on the way to the event.

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More High-Mileage Cars Available To U.S. Buyers

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:59am

A new wave of high-mileage cars is making its way to the U.S. market. Full-size cars that routinely get 40, even 50, miles per gallon on the highway have been on sale for years in Europe.

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Drought, Increased Demand Contribute To High Beef Prices

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:59am

The price of beef is at its highest levels in nearly three decades. The biggest reason for the high prices is the drought. Demand for beef has also increased around the world.

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A Gold Obsession Pays Dividends For Indian Women

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 2:20am

Gold is not just about ornamentation in India. It's an insurance policy against bad economic times and bad marriages. Enterprising Indian women are using it to get loans to start small businesses.

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