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Houston Shelter Offers Respite For Pets And Their Owners Displaced By Harvey

Sat, 09/02/2017 - 7:17am

Before a convention center opened its doors and volunteer care to pets, their owners had to make a tough choice: Take shelter or stay with animals in floodwaters. But anxiety looms around what's next.

(Image credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR)

A Bipartisan Bill Helped Save Pets From Harvey, And Maybe Their Humans Too

Sat, 09/02/2017 - 5:59am

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, many people who lost their homes to flooding were able to save their pets. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on the importance of those relationships.

(Image credit: Scott Olson /Getty Images)

Early Data From Harvey Shows Epic Flooding

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 8:56pm

Government flood maps may need to be withdrawn following Harvey. That, in turn, could have implications for insurers.

(Image credit: Katie Park/NPR)

Countries Pledge To Recover Dwindling Pacific Bluefin Tuna Population

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 2:50pm

The long-term agreement would aid fish stocks that have fallen to just 2.6 percent of their historic size. The news comes at a time when Atlantic bluefin populations are also rebounding.

(Image credit: Leisa Tyler/LightRocket/Getty Images)

Texas Expedites Help From Out-Of-State Health Care Providers

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 1:19pm

As the medical and mental health needs of people affected by Harvey become apparent, Texas has made it easier for out-of-state health workers to come lend a hand.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Divisive Diet of Honeybees: Why Some Will Never Be Royals

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 12:11pm

That stings! A new study suggests that fragments of plant genetic material in the pollen-rich diets of worker bee larvae ensures that they never grow up to be queens.

(Image credit: Stephen Dalton/Minden Pictures/Getty Images)

The LSU Tigers' New Tiger Makes His Debut

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 4:04am

Louisiana State University's live tiger mascot is an institution. Recently, the school got a new tiger — just in time for football season.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Eddy Perez, LSU)

Coral Reef Fish Are More Resilient Than We Thought, Study Finds

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 4:42pm

Ocean acidification can cause reckless behavior in coral reef fish. But researchers say that coral reef environments have large chemical variations daily, which can offer recovery time for fish.

(Image credit: Alejandro Usobiaga/Scientific Reports)

Chemical Plant Fire Raises Environmental Concerns In Wake Of Harvey

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 3:31pm

A fire at a chemical plant near Houston has raised concerns about the environmental consequences of the storm.

What To Do When Facing A Floating Ball Of Fire Ants

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 2:35pm

"Avoid, avoid, avoid," one fire ant expert says. The ants, common in areas flooded by Harvey, can't be submerged underwater. But if you have a bottle of soapy water, you might be able to drown them.

(Image credit: Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

Ants, Seaweed, Chocolate Beer And (Maybe) Less Meat: The Future Of Food

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 11:46am

When it comes to finding and preparing food, we're a continually inventive species. Anthropologist Barbara J. King asks: What are the food trends of the future?

(Image credit: Amarita/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

From Hawk To Horse: Animal Rescues During Hurricane Harvey

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:44am

A storm of this magnitude affects many animals. Uplifting videos show people rescuing all kinds of animals from Hurricane Harvey's floodwaters, says anthropologist Barbara J. King.

(Image credit: Elaine Thompson/AP)

Riding With A Rescue Mission In The Surreal, Perilous Texas Floods

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 5:56pm

Nearly a week since Harvey struck Houston, many people remain stranded by high water in their neighborhoods. NPR rode along on a citizen water-borne rescue operation.

(Image credit: Katie Hayes Luke for NPR)

Researchers Explore New Methods To Quantify Power Of Storms After Harvey

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 3:31pm

As Harvey continues to dump damaging rain on the south, some researchers are looking at new ways to quantify the power of a big storm.

Whatever Happened To ... Those Farmers Who Needed Shoes?

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 1:48pm

It was a mystery: How did farmers in Uganda contract a nightmare illness? A researcher found the answer. What's the best way to help them?

(Image credit: Christine Kihembo/ASTMH & AJTMH)

Why The Toxin Trouble With Tiny Turtles Continues

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 1:04pm

The government is warning people not to handle tiny turtles because of the risk of contracting salmonella. The problem is, they've been warning us for 40 years and we're still getting sick.

(Image credit: susan.k./Getty Images)

When Nature Teaches Us How To Be Human

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 12:27pm

As global warming changes the planet, we will experience many severe weather events; how we fare will largely depend on how well we preserve our best qualities — and community, says Marcelo Gleiser.

(Image credit: Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Houston's Susceptibility To Flooding

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 4:02am

Sam Brody, a professor at Texas A&M at Galveston, talks with Ailsa Chang about how Houston area levees, reservoirs, dams and bayous have been holding up during the storm.

Flooded Texas Chemical Plants Raise Concerns About Toxic Emissions

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 4:02am

Houston is home to hundreds of petrochemical plants and some of them are damaged by flooding. Environmental groups worry about toxic emissions, and one plant is at risk of a possible explosion.

Warren Buffett Backs Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 3:32pm

An unusual bank will open Tuesday in Kazakhstan. The deposits will be nuclear fuel, low-enriched uranium. The customers withdrawing low-enriched uranium will be nations which lack enrichment facilities. The idea is to convince such nations not to build their own. Warren Buffett is among the bank's founders.




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