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The Power Of Genes, And The Line Between Biology And Destiny

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 12:45pm

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee says genetics play a significant role in identity, temperament, sexual orientation and disease risk — but that environment also matters. His new book is The Gene.

Breaking Down The Science Of Picky Eating

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 12:04pm

What makes us dislike certain foods? And why is everyone so concerned about what you're eating, anyway? Jane Kauer, an anthropologist who has studied the topic, helps answer our questions.

Rest Easy: New Study Doesn't Change What We Know About Safe Swaddling

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 6:48am

A new report on swaddling raised alarm for many new parents, but Joy Victory of tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer they needn't worry.

Physicist Talks 'Great Leaps' Of Physical World In 'Seven Brief Lessons On Physics'

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 6:48am

At only 78 pages long, Carlo Rovelli's "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" is certainly that. He speaks with NPR's Linda Wertheimer about modern physics.

Amid India's Drought Crisis, Suicides Increase Among Farmers Deep In Debt

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 6:48am

In the parched fields of India's central states, the district of Beed in Maharashtra has been buffeted by a multi-year cycle of drought. One widow tells her story of coping with drought and loss.

Listen: Sir Harry Kroto Was More Than A Nobel Prize Winner

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 4:17am

He shared chemistry's top prize in 1996 for finding buckyballs, and had Lou Gehrig's disease when he died. Making art was his first love. "Remember your humanity," he said, "and forget the rest."

New Photos Show The Rapid Pace Of Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 12:37pm

Over six months, healthy coral is bleached and then covered with algae. Scientists say bleaching has hit 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia's "biggest ever environmental disaster."

Native Americans' Relocation From Louisiana Home: 'First Climate Change Refugees'

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 6:45am

Members of a Native American community in south Louisiana are retreating from their coastal home and trying to preserve their culture in the process.

Reviving Memory With An Electrical Current

Sat, 05/14/2016 - 6:00am

While still experimental, deep brain stimulation with implanted electrodes is being tested as a way to ease dementia in patients with Alzheimer's and other neurological conditions. Could it work?

Dung Beetles Navigate Poop-Pile Getaways Using Celestial 'Snapshots'

Fri, 05/13/2016 - 4:17pm

The tiny waste harvesters use the Milky Way as a guide to roll their dung meals away to safety. Now researchers say the beetles take "snapshots" of the constellation and store them in their brains.

Colorado Leads U.S. In Control Of Methane Gas Emissions

Fri, 05/13/2016 - 3:25pm

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and on Thursday the Obama administration laid out new regulations to stop methane leaks from the oil and gas industry. A report from Colorado explains how that state has brought methane emissions under control.

Fisheries Scientist Under Fire For Undisclosed Seafood Industry Funding

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 6:02pm

Ray Hilborn has a reputation for challenging studies showing declines in fish populations. But Greenpeace says its public records request has revealed a failure to disclose industry funding on papers.

As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit A Sour Patch

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 3:31pm

As companies shun genetically modified ingredients, they're buying more sugar extracted from sugar cane, rather than beets. Sugar beet farmers are thinking of going back to conventional beets.

In Polluted India, Negative Ion Necklaces Vow To Help You Breathe Easier

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 3:30pm

In India, there is money to be made fighting air pollution. NPR examines one product geared towards the bad air: a negative ion necklace.

Indian Auto Maker Balances Luxury With Global Sustainability

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 3:30pm

The luxury brand Jaguar is now owned by an Indian car company, Tata. A drive through the Los Angeles hills in a super high-end convertible provides some insights into what a country's auto industry says about its role in the world.

NPR Live Lab: How Strong Are Eggs? We Walked On Them To Find Out

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 2:56pm

Eggs are among the strongest structures in nature. Watch this video by the eggheads at Joe's Big Idea to find out why!

Researchers Offer Jet Lag Advice In Return For Data About Your Sleep

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 11:42am

Users of an app developed by the University of Michigan to help with jet lag entered information on their time zone and sleep patterns that helped academics with their work. But is the approach valid?

Can Oregano Fight Cow Belches – And Climate Change?

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 11:26am

Gassy cows account for a good deal of the methane — a powerful greenhouse gas — generated by livestock farming. Danish researchers think feeding cows oregano might help rein in the bovine burps.

Look, Ma! No Mitochondria

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 11:10am

Scientists have found the first eukaryotic organism that functions fine without mitochondria, the "powerhouses" that make energy for the cells of yeast, humans and most other animals.

DIY Blood Tests? There's A Downside To Ordering Your Own

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 10:10am

It's legal to order diagnostic blood tests without consulting a doctor in many states. But critics say healthy patients can go down a rabbit hole of invasive assays and unnecessary treatments.




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