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Science Provides Few Facts On Effects Of Gun Policies, Report Finds

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 11:02pm

A review by the RAND Corporation finds little evidence as to whether many popular gun control policies do or don't affect gun violence. In many cases, solid studies just haven't been done.

(Image credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Experts Aghast Over Russian Claim Of Nuclear-Powered Missile With Unlimited Range

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 4:39pm

The U.S. tested similar concepts in the 1960s, but abandoned them over concerns of radioactive contamination. Russia's claim seems so fantastic that some analysts didn't believe initial reports.

(Image credit: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP)

Forecast For National Weather Service Is Cloudy, With A Chance Of Budget Cuts

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 3:21pm

The Trump administration is looking to slash the National Weather Service's budget at a time when the service already has hundreds of unfilled positions — all while extreme weather is increasing. Now, meteorologists are speaking out, warning about being understaffed and the risks to keeping the public informed.

The Oscar For Best Snack Goes To ... Popcorn, The 6,000-Year-Old Aztec Gold

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 2:05pm

Zoom in and behold the science secrets behind popcorn's airy crunch — and learn about the snack's ancient origin — in this bite-sized video.

(Image credit: Adam Cole/Murry Gans)

Widespread Drought Across U.S. Stokes Fears About A Repeat Of 2012's Wrath

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 12:57pm

If rainfall doesn't come soon, it could cost billions in devastation — a difficult fallout considering the USDA expects farmers' incomes to hit a 12-year low even if crop yields stay high.

(Image credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Three Ways To Elevate The Debate About Guns

Thu, 03/01/2018 - 9:26am

Understanding the authority of science means, when it comes to factual claims, intuitions and gut feelings won't cut it — whichever side of the political aisle they come from, says Tania Lombrozo.

(Image credit: Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images)

LISTEN: Dolphins Use Targeted Echolocation To Plan Their Hunting Dives

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 5:00pm

Oxygen is a precious resource for dolphins. A new study suggests they use it efficiently by remembering what they learn during a dive, then applying that information to future foraging expeditions.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Haslam/Flickr)

Did Dark Matter Make The Early Universe Chill Out?

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 12:49pm

A new study suggests that the early universe got an unexpectedly cold start, and that dark matter may be to blame.

(Image credit: N.R.Fuller/National Science Foundation/Nature)

Still Thirsty? It's Up To Your Brain, Not Your Body

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 12:00pm

Thirst is what compels us to start hydrating. Now scientists have found a brain circuit in mice that seems to switch off thirst when they've taken in enough fluid and before it gets dangerous.

(Image credit: Guido Mieth/Getty Images)

Biometric Data And The Rise Of Digital Dictatorship

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 10:42am

As historian and author Yuval Harari suggests, market forces and investor greed will keep moving the data revolution forward. But there are balancing forces to this onslaught, says Marcelo Gleiser.

(Image credit: Getty Images/Hero Images)

Researchers Haven't Found A Single Endangered Right Whale Calf Yet This Season

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 8:00am

"The right whales are at a point where more are dying than are being born," biologist Clay George says. "That's just not sustainable long-term."

(Image credit: Molly Samuel/WABE)

The Rise Of Yeast: How Civilization Was Shaped By Sugar Fungi

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 7:00am

Without yeast, bread wouldn't rise and beer wouldn't foam. As Nicholas Money's new book, The Rise of Yeast, points out, it leaves its mark on other foods, too, including coffee, and even chocolate.

(Image credit: Maximilian Stock Ltd./Getty Images)

Send In The Clones: Barbra Streisand Reveals Fluffy Canine Copies

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 5:30am

In an interview with Variety magazine, the legendary singer/filmmaker dropped a bombshell: Two of her three coton de tulears are clones of a favorite canine who died last year.

(Image credit: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters)

Though Prices Aren't As High As Before, West Texas Enjoys Oil Revival

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 4:03am

The U.S. is on track to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia next year to become the world's biggest oil producer — pumping out more crude than at its peak nearly half a century ago.

German Court Will Let Cities Ban Some Diesel Cars To Decrease Pollution

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 5:20pm

A German court has ruled that cities may bans diesel cars in order to bring down emissions levels.

(Image credit: Andreas Gebert/Getty Images)

Pregnancy Rate Might Predict Future Recessions, Researchers Suggest

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 5:05pm

Conventional wisdom holds that fertility rates go down in response to an economic downturn. But a new study found that conception rates begin to drop before a recession actually begins.

(Image credit: SKXE/Flickr)

Children's Publishing House Takes Food Literacy Literally

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 1:48pm

Teaching kids how to eat healthfully and appreciate the cultural diversity of food begins with getting books about these themes into their hands, says Readers to Eaters' founding publisher.

(Image credit: Readers to Eaters)

Can Nuclear Power Plants Generate Artistic Inspiration?

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 9:19am

"Nuclear" artists see motivating muses where others see only grey buildings, drab fences, and white steam piping out of concrete cooling towers, says guest commentator Vincent Ialenti.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Erich Berger)

Scientists Predict King Penguins Face Major Threats Due To Climate Change

Mon, 02/26/2018 - 4:47pm

The researchers say the problem is their primary source of food is moving further away from places where the animals can breed. They're likely going to have to swim farther for their dinner.

(Image credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

How A Skeptical Rancher, Aided By An Outdoors Brand, Turned Climate Friendly

Mon, 02/26/2018 - 7:00am

It took a bit of arm-twisting to get on board because of previous encounters with environmentalists. But now, partnered with The North Face, the ranch sustainably produces wool for outdoor clothing.

(Image credit: Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio)




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