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American Crossroads Turns Its Attention To Senate Races

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 4:02am

Conservative groups are pouring money into supporting GOP races, in the fear Republicans lose the White House. Steve Inskeep talks to Steven Law, CEO of the conservative SuperPAC American Crossroads.

In 2 Indiana Cities, All That Trump And Obama Touched Isn't Political Gold

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 4:00am

Gary has seen economic investment from Donald Trump, and Kokomo benefited from President Obama's auto bailout. But those connections haven't necessarily led to political goodwill.

Politics In Real Life: Paid Family Leave A Big Concern, Not A Top Campaign Issue

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 4:00am

After Nancy Glynn got pregnant, she learned her employer didn't offer paid family leave. Then, like many Americans, she discovered it was hard to get by without it.

Every Party But The Real One: A Night Chasing The #WHCD

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 5:16pm

Washington's biggest night has gotten big because of all the parties happening around the main event. A weekend of nerd prom excess could be seen as D.C. at its worst, or D.C. at its best.

Crowds Gather In Los Angeles For May Day Immigrants' Rights March

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 4:06pm

Leslie Berestein Rojas of Southern California Public Radio has an update on the annual May Day march for immigrant rights. The march comes after Donald Trump visited the state, sparking protests.

10 Years After Immigration Protests, What Has Changed?

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 4:06pm

Jose Antonio Vargas of Define American, Fermin Vasquez of the SEIU and Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies discuss the legacy of 10 years of activism for immigration reform.

With Primary Season In Final Stretch, Sanders Reports Slowed Fundraising

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 11:34am

Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign reported a $26 million haul in April, far below his totals in February and March. Still, Sanders' donations have outpaced his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Iran Parliamentary Election: Moderates, Reformists Make Gains, Fall Short Of Majority

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 10:15am

Supporters of President Hassan Rouhani fell short of a clear majority despite receiving the most votes. Analysts say the coming period will be combative, with many big issues decided by independents.

President Obama Has His Last Laughs At 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 9:08am

In eighth and his last correspondents' dinner on Saturday evening, Obama didn't pull punches with his fellow politicos — but he did pull a last-minute mic drop.

President Obama Has Last Laughs At White House Correspondents' Dinner

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 6:55am

President Obama had his last opportunity to take some digs at politicos and celebrities at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Battle Out Indiana Primary

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 6:55am

Rachel talks to Pete Seat, the Indiana consultant for John Kasich, about the upcoming primary.

California Primary Weighs Heavily On Republican Race

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 6:55am

California Republicans are holding their state convention this weekend. It's a chance for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to make their case to party leaders.

Republican Immigration Rhetoric Leaves Latino Population Feeling Disenfranchised

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 6:55am

Although the Latino population is growing fast in Charlotte, N.C., it's not nearly as politically engaged. The GOP says they want their vote. But many Latinos feel alienated by the candidate options.

Barbershop: Trump, The Woman Card And Kelly Ripa

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 4:08pm

Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute, Tracy Sturdivant of the Make It Work campaign, former Maryland delegate Jolene Ivey, and Lisa Bonos of The Washington Post discuss Trump's comments.

Trump And Cruz Campaign At California GOP Convention

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 4:08pm

The remaining Republican presidential candidates have been making their case at the party's state convention. Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler explains the divisions on display among Republicans.

Former Indiana Basketball Coach Bobby Knight On Trump: 'Best Person For The Job'

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 6:50am

Bobby Knight is not one known to make political endorsements. NPR's Scott Simon asks the legendary basketball coach about his endorsement of Donald Trump in Tuesday's Indiana primary.

David Cameron's Former Advisor Wants To Revamp The U.S. Conservative Movement

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 6:50am

British political operative Steve Hilton tells NPR's Scott Simon what he thinks the conservative movement needs both in the U.K. and the U.S.

Is Indiana The Last Fighting Chance For #NeverTrump?

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 6:50am

Tuesday's GOP primary in Indiana could be the last stand for #NeverTrump, a movement devoted to keeping Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee.

4 Ways Donald Trump's Pro Wrestling Experience Is Like His Campaign Today

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 5:00am

At least none of Trump's political opponents have been strapped down and had their heads shaved by him.

Why Are Highly Educated Americans Getting More Liberal?

Sat, 04/30/2016 - 5:00am

Today, more than half of Americans who went to graduate school are liberal. Less than one in three were in 1994.




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