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Trump Administration Begins Search For New FBI Director

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

More than a dozen candidates are being considered to run the FBI in the wake of James Comey's dismissal, including some well-known politicians.

Indiana's School Choice Program Often Underserves Special Needs Students

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

With President Trump spotlighting the power of private school choice, the NPR Ed Team investigated one of the nation's largest statewide voucher programs, in Indiana, and found, for students with disabilities, that it's often the schools that get to choose, not the students.

Appeals Court Reviews Decision Blocking Trump's Travel Ban

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel reviews a lower court ruling that blocked parts of President Trump's revised executive order on travel. The appeals court ruling will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Charlottesville Mayor Responds To Protests Sparked By Removal Of Confederate Statue

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

There were dueling protests in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. On Saturday, a group of white nationalists holding torches protested the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The next night a group of counter-protesters held candles in the same park. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Mayor Mike Signer about what happened in his city.

Supreme Court Declines To Reinstate North Carolina's Voter ID Law

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

The Supreme Court on Monday left in place a lower court ruling that struck down North Carolina's voter ID law. A lower court had found the law unconstitutional because it targeted "African Americans with almost surgical precision."

Trump's Meeting With Turkey's Erdogan Could Signal Turning Point In Relations

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Aaron Stein, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, about President Trump's upcoming meeting with Turkish president Erdogan and the future of U.S.-Turkey relations.

Advocates Push For Trump To Take Swift Action On The Opioid Crisis

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:34pm

President Trump campaigned promising he would help out in a big way with the opioid crisis. But since taking office, lawmakers and advocates say there isn't much to show for it.

Investigators Looking Into Trump Campaign's Russia Ties Follow The Money

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 3:07pm

A Senate panel says it will look into a large database of possible money-laundering activities maintained by the Treasury Department to explore Trump associates' links to Russia.

(Image credit: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump's Tax Plan Renews Anxieties About Deficits And The Debt

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 2:38pm

One hurdle for President Trump's proposed tax cuts is the threat that they'll produce large budget deficits and balloon the U.S. debt. Prominent Republicans are already expressing great concern.

(Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Secret Republican Senate Talks Are Shaping Health Care Legislation

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 12:41pm

A group of 13 Republican senators is leading the negotiations to craft a new bill to repeal and replace most of the Affordable Care Act. Senators plan to vote by the August recess.

(Image credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

France's New Prime Minister: Conservative, Pro-European And A Novelist

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 11:48am

President Emmanuel Macron's choice of center-right politician Edouard Philippe is seen as a move to attract members from the left and right to his new party before parliamentary elections next month.

(Image credit: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images)

The James Comey Saga, In Timeline Form

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 10:24am

A year and a half ago, James Comey, then the head of the FBI, said "part of doing our work well is to make sure we don't talk about it."

(Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Evangelicals Rethinking LGBTQ Rights And Inclusion

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 10:06am

Most evangelical church leaders condemn same sex relationships. But some evangelical churches and colleges are starting to have open and frank conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity. Evangelicals and rethinking LGBTQ rights and inclusion.

(Image credit: Rick Wood)

What's The White House's Word Worth?

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 9:06am

The president says that with so much going on, we can't expect his spokespeople to be on the same page. So whom do we believe?

(Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

How Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Has Unprecedented Access To Trump

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 4:00am

President Trump named Icahn as an unpaid special adviser on regulatory changes. But no one has defined what a special adviser is, or how much power Trump has given to his longtime rival and friend.

News Brief: North Korea Missile Test, Malware Spreads, Search For FBI Director

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 4:00am

North Korea launches a successful missile test that some say is a "game changer." Malicious software that holds data for ransom is infecting computers. Efforts continue to find a new FBI director.

With Travel Ban On Hold, Where Do Things Stand With Enhanced Vetting?

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 4:00am

President Trump's controversial travel ban is back in federal court on Monday. The ban was supposed to create time and space to allow for more careful scrutiny of people visiting the U.S.

Who's On The Short List To Replace FBI Director James Comey?

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 4:00am

The firing of FBI Director James Comey has raised many questions about whether he will testify before Congress and what role Attorney General Jeff Sessions will play in the hiring of the new director.

Receptive Audience At Liberty University Praises Trump's Accomplishments

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 4:00am

President Trump gave the commencement address at Liberty University. School President Jerry Fallwell, Jr., and members of the evangelical university community share thoughts on Trump's time in office.

Chelsea Manning Set To Be Released From Military Prison

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 4:56pm

US News and World Report writer Steven Nelson discusses the case of Chelsea Manning with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly. Manning was sentenced to 35 years for leaking large amounts of government secrets.




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