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Former U.S. Prosecutor On Trump, Giuliani And Mueller

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 7:28am

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy about the latest in the federal investigation into President Trump's alleged ties with Russia and Stormy Daniels.

A Scramble For Cash In Senate Races

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 7:28am

Democratic incumbents and challengers are generally out-raising their GOP rivals. But conservative superPACs and nonprofit groups could come Republicans' rescue.

The Latest On Trump's Legal Challenges

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 5:11pm

President Trump says White House lawyer Rudy Giuliani needs to get his facts straight. Politico's Josh Gerstein talks to Michel Martin about how Giuliani's recent comments could affect Trump.

Students, Celebrities And The Faithful Protest Outside Of The NRA Convention

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 3:18pm

The National Rifle Association's four-day convention in Dallas has drawn supporters and opposition alike.

(Image credit: Sue Ogrocki/AP)

Campaign Finance Law And The Stormy Daniels Scandal

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

NPR's Scott Simon asks campaign finance consultant Matthew Sanderson about the legal issues facing President Trump in regards to payments made to Stormy Daniels.

Trump Administration Talks Trade With China

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

The U.S. sent a delegation of economic advisers to China in an attempt to avert trade war. NPR's Scott Simon asks economist Philip Levy of Northwestern University about the complex negotiations.

Gun Control Activists Protest NRA In Dallas

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

Gun control advocates are protesting in Dallas, responding to Friday's addresses by President Trump and Vice President Pence at the NRA convention in town.

The Trump And Rudy Show

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

The Trump administration could be trumpeting good employment news and progress with North Korea but it keeps stepping on its tail as it responds to the president's legal problems.

The Political Landscape For The Senate

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

While Democrats are bullish about competing for control of the House, they are on defense in several big Senate races.

Mueller Probe Update

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 7:07am

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to investigative reporter Carol Leonnig of The Washington Post to discuss this week's developments in Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Get Caught Up On Donald Trump's Complex Web Of Legal Challenges

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 6:00am

President Trump is dealing with three lawsuits from two women, a federal criminal investigation of his longtime attorney and the Justice Department's investigation into the 2016 election.

(Image credit: Kathy Willens/AP)

The Russia Investigations: Will Trump Give Mueller The Stiff Arm?

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 6:00am

After another mind-bending week, the chances of a presidential interview with the team of Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller appear slimmer than ever.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Chemical Weapons Inspectors Finish Their Trip To Syria's Douma

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 7:03pm

Investigators are done gathering samples from the town where a suspected chemical weapons attack occurred. The team suffered delays, and Russia "may have tampered" with the site before they arrived.

(Image credit: Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images)

What The Kanye Controversy Can Teach Us About Black Voters

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 4:33pm

The reactions to Kanye West's noisy rightward lurch illustrate some important dynamics about black voting behavior and why a country with many black conservatives has so few black Republicans.

(Image credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

How All Of President Trump's Legal Teams Interact

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:06pm

President Trump has a lot of lawyers — personal attorneys, members of the White House counsel's office and people he asks for casual legal advice. How do they all communicate? What happens if there's conflict? NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks to Bob Bauer, former White House counsel under President Obama, about how those teams interact.

National Rifle Association Member Discusses President Trump's Speech At Meeting

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:06pm

President Trump addressed National Rifle Association members in Dallas Friday at the group's annual meeting. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with NRA member Liston Matthews who was in the room for the president's speech, for his impressions.

Trump Addresses The National Rifle Association, Discusses Preventing School Shootings

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:06pm

President Trump and Vice President Pence addressed the National Rifle Association at its annual convention under as much pressure as ever following students protests after the deadly Parkland, Fla., shooting.

Week In Politics: Trump's Stormy Daniels Settlement And The House Chaplain

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:06pm

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss Rudy Giuliani's statement about President Trump's settlement with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, the latest job numbers and the latest update about Rev. Patrick Conroy, the House Chaplain.

White House Continues To Step On Its Own Message With Mixed Signals From Trump

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 3:06pm

President Trump has a full plate, with trade talks concluding in China, an upcoming summit with North Korea, and a high-profile speech to the NRA. But the White House continues to step on its own message with mixed signals from the president and his legal team.

Trump And Pence Address NRA Amid Tense Gun Debate

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 11:40am

For the second year in a row, the president will speak at the National Rifle Association's convention. The lobbying group has become a lightning rod since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

(Image credit: Mike Stewart/AP)




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