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Commercial Real Estate Demand Softens, Investors Fret Trump Tax Cuts Won't Pass

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Revenue from President Trump's office buildings is falling. The problem: commercial real estate prices are declining. In New York, buildings are rising and older properties havw to compete harder.

In Iraq, Fight To Retake Mosul From ISIS Appears To Be In Its Final Stages

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Major General Joseph Martin, land component commander for the 23 countries fighting alongside Iraqi forces, on efforts to eradicate Mosul of Islamic State forces.

Traffic Solution Project In China Appears To Be An Investment Scam

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

A new kind of urban transport that was intended to beat traffic jams appears to have gone off the rails. That became clear when police arrested the inventor and his colleagues for illegal fundraising.

Can Cuban Charcoal Turn Up The Heat On U.S.-Cuba Relations?

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Only 2 Cuban exports are allowed to be sold in the U.S. One is coffee, the other is an artisanal charcoal, coveted for its long burning properties. It's also a weed taking over areas of the island.

Trump To Discuss North Korea Crisis While In Germany For G20 Summit

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

President Trump leaves Wednesday for his second international trip just as the North Korea crisis heats up. That trip will include his first face-to-face meeting with Russian President Putin.

Affordable Housing Market Hurt By Tax Overhaul Uncertainty

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

The prospect of Trump's tax overhaul has cut the value of low-income housing tax credits 10 to 15 percent. Funding for units across the U.S. is in question, and less housing will be built as a result.

Aspen Moves Toward Its Goal Of Supporting 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Since President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate deal more cities are vowing to shift to 100 percent renewable power. We visit Aspen, Colorado, to see how complicated that can be.

North Korea Launched ICBM, Secretary Of State Tillerson Says

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed Tuesday that the missile launched by North Korea on Monday was an intercontinental ballistic missile, in a statement in which he condemned the test.

David Korins Designs A Restaurant Like He Does A Broadway Experience

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

In addition to designing sets for Broadway shows and concert tours, Korins is working on a restaurant. For our Backstage Pass series, we go behind the scenes of the Times Square restaurant, Bond 45.

Russia Aims To Guard Against Foreign Influence In Its Presidential Election

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:05am

Russia's Federation Council is creating a special commission on preventing "foreign meddling" as nervousness in the Kremlin grows about the upcoming elections.

North Korea's Biggest Open Secret: Black Market Foreign DVDs

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:03am

It's illegal to watch foreign media in North Korea. But according to defector interviews, nearly every segment of North Korean society consumes it.

(Image credit: Wong Maye-E/AP)

'Let Local People Solve Local Problems,' Memphis Says In Bid To End DOJ Oversight

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 4:00am

The Justice Department's agreement to overhaul troubled juvenile courts in Memphis had been lauded as a national model. Now local officials want to get out from under federal oversight.

(Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Something Old, Something New: Public Service Broadcasting On History And Storytelling

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 3:55am

J. Willgoose, Esq. says his band's band's practice of repurposing historical films and broadcasts is less an exercise in nostalgia than a way of "reframing the past."

(Image credit: Dan Kendall/Courtesy of the artist)

Why Isn't The Housing Market Booming The Way Experts Expected?

Tue, 07/04/2017 - 6:39am

Interest rates are near historic lows and consumer confidence is high, but the market isn't booming. One reason may be mobility: people moving from state to state is half what it was two decades ago.

Dozens Of States Reject Trump Administration Voter Initiative

Tue, 07/04/2017 - 6:33am

The Commission on Election Integrity asked for details on voters, seeking evidence of fraud. Many states can't legally comply with the request which grew out of the president losing the popular vote.

101-Year-Old Woman Sets Track Record In Her Age Group

Tue, 07/04/2017 - 6:06am

Julie Hawkins competed last month at the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Ala. And no matter the heat, she set the women's world record for the 100-yard dash in her age group — under 40 seconds.

Makers Of Self-Driving Cars Need Programs To Dodge Animals

Tue, 07/04/2017 - 5:40am

In Sweden, Volvo researchers figured out how to brake for big, slow animals — like moose and reindeer. But Australia brings the conundrum of the kangaroo. Volvo hopes to solve the conundrum by 2020.

For Job Retraining Programs To Work, People Need To Show Up

Tue, 07/04/2017 - 4:44am

Retraining workers who've lost jobs is tough. If the program isn't good, workers may get trained for jobs that no longer exist. And even when the training is good, it's hard to get people to show up.




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