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Complicated Feelings: 'The Little Fidel In All Of Us'

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 4:07am

David Greene talks to writer Achy Obejas about her New York Times opinion piece: "The Little Fidel in All of Us." It examines her complicated feelings about Fidel Castro, who died last week.

Widow With 5 Children Turns To Full-Time Activism To Oust Mugabe

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 4:07am

Young Zimbabweans are riding social media to prominence as activists seeking President Robert Mugabe's ouster. We meet one: a former train driver, labor leader, widow and mother-turned-campaigner.

Steve Mnuchin Expected To Lead Treasury In Trump Administration

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 4:07am

Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution and a contributing correspondent to The Wall Street Journal, about Steve Mnuchin's qualifications.

Supreme Court To Consider How Long Immigrants May Be Detained Without Bond Hearing

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 3:56am

The legal issue before the court tests whether people who are detained for more than six months have a right to a bond hearing. This involves permanent U.S. residents or people seeking asylum.

No, Fidel Castro Wasn't Nearly A New York Yankee

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 3:48am

The late Cuban dictator didn't try out for the New York team, says Adrian Burgos Jr., University of Illinois history professor. It's fun to contemplate this historical "What if?" but it's pure myth.

Trump Picks Rep. Tom Price To Head Health And Human Services

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 6:45am

Steve Inskeep talks to Tevi Troy, president of the American Health Policy Institute and a former deputy secretary of Health in the George W. Bush administration, about the selection of Price.

Russian Government Accused Of Controlling Christmas

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 6:21am

Officials offered guidelines for how children should write their letters to Russia's version of Santa. The BBC reports the government worried kids were giving up too many personal details.

Being Knighted Isn't Always What It's Cracked Up To Be

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 5:45am

Britain's Princess Beatrice threw a party, and singer Ed Sheeran attended. He jokingly asked if he could be knighted. But when getting into position, she accidentally slashed his face.

How Science Is Rewiring The Dyslexic Brain

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Scientists are exploring how human brains learn to read - and discovering new ways that brains with dyslexia can learn to cope.

Online Purchases Give Consumers The Upper Hand In Holiday Shopping

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

The National Retail Federation says more consumers shopped online during the Thanksgiving weekend than in stores. A consultant says consumers have gotten far more comfortable shopping on their phones.

Despite Shaky Evidence, Trump Team Alleges Voter Fraud

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Donald Trump launched a controversy on Twitter over the weekend regarding voting integrity, as his work of compiling a Cabinet and a governing agenda goes on.

As Castro Is Mourned, There's Hope His Death Will Give Way To Change

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

In Havana, thousands of mourners will spend another day paying tribute to Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro. With his death, Cubans are wondering if change on the Caribbean island will accelerate.

In Syria, Pro-Regime Forces Advance On Aleppo's Rebel Territory

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

After years of virtual stalemate, the Syrian government has made its largest advance into rebel-held areas of the city of Aleppo. It changes the map in the Syrian civil war.

Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Little is known about the suspect in Monday's attack on the campus of Ohio State University that injured 11. The suspect, shot and killed by police, was a practicing Muslim.

North Dakota Evacuation Order Of Pipeline Protest Area Cites Weather

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

The order, issued Monday, is effective immediately and will stay in place indefinitely. The state "won't be using law enforcement or the national guard to enforce the order," an official said.

Versailles Restaurant Is A Mainstay In South Florida's Cuban Community

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

After Fidel Castro died last week, many Cuban-Americans gathered at Miami's Versailles Restaurant. For more than 40 years, it's been the heart of the Cuban exile community.

Plane Carrying Brazilian Soccer Players And Others Crashes In Colombia

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

David Greene talks to journalist Pablo Medina Uribe about the crash that killed 76 people. There were five survivors. The plane had taken off from Boliva and was on its way to Medellin.

Researchers Study What Makes Dyslexic Brains Different

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in the U.S. Scientists are exploring how human brains learn to read, and are discovering new ways that brains with dyslexia can learn to cope.

Democrats Prepare For Chances To Serve As A Check Against Trump

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, talks to Steve Inskeep about the party's approach to the next Republican-controlled Congress. She says there will be major reasons for them to be an emergency brake.

Choosing A Charity: Should You Go With Your Heart Or Your Head?

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 4:06am

Today is "Giving Tuesday." Is it time to rethink how you make your donation decisions?




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