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Aleppo's Only Ophthalmologist Sees Ravages Of Syria's Civil War

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Dr. Abdulkhalek Dabaa, the only remaining ophthalmologist in the besieged eastern Syrian city, attends to about 85 patients a day — seeking care for everything from eye infections to shrapnel wounds.

Colombia's President Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Juan Manuel Santos was cited for reaching a peace agreement with the FARC insurgency. Earlier this week, Colombia's voters narrowly rejected the peace deal in a binding referendum.

In Ohio, Trump Finds Support From Many Democrats

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

As part of Morning Edition's Divided States project, Steve Inskeep finds out about Ohio voter behavior in the lead up to the presidential election.

Northeast Ohio Couple, Who Normally Vote Democratic, Consider Trump

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Marty Surella is a lifelong Democrat who voted for President Obama twice and Hillary Clinton in Ohio's Democratic primary. But he and his wife are giving serious thought to voting for Donald Trump.

Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim At Florida's East Coast

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

The storm is expected to bring hurricane force winds and coastal flooding to communities along Florida's Atlantic coast. Described as extremely dangerous, it'll also affect Georgia and South Carolina.

Ohio Pastor Backs Clinton; Says A Trump Win Would Cause Greater Civil Unrest

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

As part of the Divided States project on Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep hears from Cincinnati preacher Ennis Tait about why he supports Hillary Clinton this election year instead of Donald Trump.

Issa Rae Is First Black Woman To Create And Star In Premium Cable Show

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Actress and author Issa Rae made a name for herself as a YouTube star with a series called Awkward Black Girl. Now she has her own show on HBO called Insecure.

Creepy Clown Issues Have Gotten Worse

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Police continue to investigate countless cases of creepy clown sightings across the country. There's been a rash of online threats — social media is fueling fears and more copy-cat clowns.

How The Idea Of Free Trade As A Way To World Peace Gained Traction

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Free trade is taking a beating in this election year. But the man who created the free-trade world we live in now, thought free trade was the way to world peace. He even won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Coastal Residents Flee As Hurricane Matthew Threatens Florida

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

David Greene has the latest information on Hurricane Matthew which has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm. The storm is threatening Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Lifelong Republican Voter In Ohio Feels Disenfranchised By Her Party

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Steve Inskeep has been talking to Ohio voters getting their opinion on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Katie Rooney, a lifelong Republican, says these days she doesn't feel a part of the GOP.

Aleppo's Only Ophthalmologist Sees Ravages Of Syria's Civil War

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Dr. Abdulkhalek Dabaa is the last ophthalmologist in the besieged eastern Syrian city of Aleppo. He attends to about 85 patients a day — everything from eye infections to shrapnel wounds.

Ohio Voter Would Like A Female President Just Not Hillary Clinton

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 4:04am

Steve Inskeep broadcasts from Cincinnati, Ohio, a state nearly split between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We hear from retired business owner Linda Caudill, who is an ardent Trump supporter.

Years After Police Shooting, Woodcarver's Brother Remembers The Man He Lost

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 3:30am

A Native American woodcarver, crossing the street with his carving knife, was killed when an officer mistook him for a threat. "I want them to know him the way I did," his brother says.

'Hanoi Hannah,' Whose Broadcasts Taunted And Entertained American GIs, Dies

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 6:47am

Trinh Thi Ngo was one of North Vietnam's most recognizable radio voices, broadcasting propaganda in English to U.S. service members during the Vietnam War. She was 87.

Voter-Registration Drives In Fla. Focus On Puerto Ricans

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 5:30am

The fastest growing group of voters in Florida is up for grabs. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have moved to the swing state in recent years, and both parties are aggressively courting them.

New Research Zeroes In On Sources Of Methane-Emissions Uptick

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 5:25am

New research reveals that the amount of methane from oil and gas operations is much larger than previously thought. But the recent uptick in methane emissions seems to be from agriculture.

President Of EMILY's List On The PAC's Priorities For Election Day

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 5:14am

Renee Montagne talks to Stephanie Schriock, president of the pro-abortion rights political action committee EMILY's List, about the group's spending on political races this election.

Norway's Prime Minister Gets Caught Trying To Catch 'Em All

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 5:01am

There was a debate going on in Parliament, and Prime Minister Erna Solberg was in her seat — but not totally paying attention. She was playing Pokemon Go.

In Colo., The Rural-Urban Divide Looks Like 'Core Values' Vs. 'Progress'

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 4:56am

Voters in Denver and the eastern plains of Colorado illustrate the divide between voters in urban and rural areas, along social, economic and educational lines.




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