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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 14 min 2 sec ago

In U.S. Restaurants, Bars And Food Trucks, 'Modern Slavery' Persists

1 hour 19 min ago

A new report highlights victims of human trafficking in the food industry, from farm workers to restaurant cooks and wait staff. Some victims are exploited for both sex and labor.

After Fleeing An Apocalypse, La Vida Boheme Embraces Its Immigrant Story

1 hour 26 min ago

The Venezuelan rockers moved to Mexico as protest and corruption were swallowing their hometown of Caracas. Life in a foreign country became the inspiration for their latest album, La Lucha.

(Image credit: Courtesy of the artist)

#BlackWomenAtWork: Women Speak Out After Criticism Of Journalist, Congresswoman

1 hour 29 min ago

Incidents like the ones involving veteran reporter April Ryan and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters this week are "not a rarity" for black women in the workplace, says activist Brittany Packnett.

(Image credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Felony Charges For U.S. Diplomat Over Alleged Contacts With Chinese Agents

2 hours 23 min ago

For years, a State Department employee allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from Chinese intelligence operatives and failed to report the repeated contacts to U.S. officials.

(Image credit: Susan Walsh/AP)

Cristiano Ronaldo's New Bronze Bust Is Turning Heads

2 hours 46 min ago

At the dedication of an airport named for the soccer legend, officials unveiled another honor: a bust of his head. The Internet was quick to note that the bust, well, kind of missed its mark.

(Image credit: Francisco Leong/AFP/Getty Images)

Hungarian Legislation Threatens American University In Budapest

2 hours 54 min ago

Central European University is widely considered Hungary's top private university. It was founded by financier George Soros, who has a strained relationship Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Chinese President Xi Jinping To Meet With President Trump In Florida

2 hours 58 min ago

It will be the first in-person meeting between the leaders, after Trump's sharp criticisms of China during the campaign. The informal meeting may be intended to reduce pressure for concrete results.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Sylvan Esso On World Cafe

2 hours 58 min ago

Hear songs from the duo's forthcoming release, What Now, recorded live for World Cafe's 25th anniversary celebration.

(Image credit: Joe Del Tufo/WXPN)

Climate-Friendly Coal Technology Works But Is Proving Difficult To Scale Up

2 hours 58 min ago

Capturing carbon emissions from coal plants would reduce coal's effect on climate change. But high costs and other factors have stymied efforts to use that technology at more U.S. power plants.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mississippi Power)

Democratic Senator Urges Trump To 'Do More Than Talk' On Opioid Crisis

3 hours 10 min ago

Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire addressed the opioid problem in her state for several years as governor. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Hassan about President Trump's opioid plans.

Ivanka Trump To Be An Official White House Employee Covered By Ethics Rules

3 hours 12 min ago

She already has an office in the West Wing. "I have been working closely ... with the White House Counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role," she said.

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

Episode 650: The Business Genius Behind Get Out

3 hours 17 min ago

Jason Blum makes a lot of movies and makes them cheap. So why are so many turning into blockbusters?

(Image credit: Steve Henn / NPR)

Where Bob Dylan Was While Keeping Silent About His Nobel Prize

3 hours 18 min ago

Dylan received criticism last fall after greeting the announcement of his Nobel Prize for Literature with silence. It turns out he was just busy revisiting his artistic development.

(Image credit: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images)

With Brexit Triggered, Uncertainty Continues Over What's To Come

3 hours 22 min ago

The British are known for understatement, but political observers speak of Brexit in superlatives. They say it could prove transformational for the country – either for good or ill.

(Image credit: Virginia Mayo/AP)

Missouri Rejects Federal Money In Order To Set Up Its Own Abortion Restrictions

3 hours 33 min ago

Abortion is already heavily restricted in Missouri, but now the state is cutting more funding to organizations that provide abortions, even though it means rejecting millions of dollars from the feds.

(Image credit: Carolina Hidalgo/KWMU)

Where Levees Fail In California, Nature Can Step In To Nurture Rivers

3 hours 34 min ago

After devastating floods, California is looking to spend billions on dams and levees. Some are calling for a new approach to flood control, one that mimics nature instead of trying to contain it.

(Image credit: Lauren Sommer/KQED)

Remembering Michael Sharp: He Risked His Life To Make Peace

3 hours 35 min ago

The death of the 34-year-old Kansan was confirmed this week. Correspondent Gregory Warner met him by chance on a boat and found out how he managed to forge a dialogue with violent rebels.

(Image credit: Jana Asenbrennerova/Courtesy of MCC)

U.S. Census To Leave Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Questions Off New Surveys

3 hours 42 min ago

"Sexual orientation and gender identity" was listed in a Census Bureau report as a proposed topic for the 2020 Census or the American Community Survey. But the topic was later removed.

(Image credit: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

Launch, Land, Launch — SpaceX Tries Reusing Its Rocket

4 hours 6 min ago

Thursday the private company SpaceX plans on launching a satellite using a rocket that it has launched once before. Reusing equipment could make it cheaper to do business in deep space.

(Image credit: SpaceX)

New Owners Work To Preserve Legacy Of Nina Simone's Home

4 hours 13 min ago

The North Carolina home of singer, pianist and civil rights activist Nina Simone has sold. Now the new owners are trying to figure out how to honor her past.




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