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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 10 min 41 sec ago

NFL Commissioner: 'We Will Get Our House In Order'

30 min 17 sec ago

Roger Goodell has been embroiled in controversy, over how the league has handled violent off-field episodes of some of its star players. He said he had not considered resigning.

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The Hold Steady On World Cafe

1 hour 4 min ago

Hear the band survey its decade-long history — including the song singer Craig Finn calls his best.

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Bill Charlap And Renee Rosnes On Piano Jazz

1 hour 24 min ago

It's rare to have three great pianists at three pianos in one studio. Charlap and Rosnes join host Marian McPartland in this 2008 session for a trio of "You and the Night and the Music."

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A Single Insurer Holds Obamacare's Fate In 2 States

1 hour 29 min ago

Where have the insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act struggle the most? The answer lies in commerce, not politics.

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His Camera Takes Us To The World 'We Must Preserve'

2 hours 10 min ago

In the new exhibit "Genesis," the noted photographer Sebastiao Salgado shares his vision of "a kind of state of humanity of the planet," from Amazon tribes to frozen Siberia.

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A Detective's 'Walk Among The Tombstones' Is Gripping But Unsatisfying

2 hours 10 min ago

In the '70s, novelist Lawrence Block created New York private investigator Matthew Scudder who chases extreme bad guys. Liam Neeson now plays the character the new grisly film directed by Scott Frank.

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Roosevelt's Polio Wasn't A Secret: He Used It To His 'Advantage'

2 hours 10 min ago

In The Man He Became, historian James Tobin says, despite misimpressions to the contrary, Americans of Franklin Roosevelt's day were well-aware of his disability. Originally aired Nov. 25, 2013.

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White House Announces Campaign Against Campus Sexual Assault

2 hours 13 min ago

In unveiling the "It's On Us" campaign aimed at preventing attacks on college campuses, President Obama said such violence is "an affront to our basic humanity."

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Alibaba Shares Surge On First Day Of Trading

2 hours 22 min ago

Shares of the Chinese e-commerce giant opened at $92.70 a share on the New York stock exchange today, making it the biggest initial public offering in U.S. history. They were priced at $68 a share.

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War Votes Bring Back Complex Risks For Members Of Congress

3 hours 14 min ago

Polls showed that two-thirds of the country thought the U.S. should do something about Islamic State. Congress had to balance politics of the moment with those of the near future and down the road.

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Iconic Pabst Beer Brands Sold To Russian Company

3 hours 21 min ago

Pabst Brewing Co., with its famous Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz labels, is being acquired by Russian brewer Oasis Beverages for an undisclosed sum.

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How To Get Children To Behave Without Hitting Them

3 hours 33 min ago

Most parents say they have used corporal punishment. But there's abundant evidence that it doesn't improve behavior over time. Changing how parents talk to children does work, but it takes practice.

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LOOK: U.K. Front Pages On Scotland's 'No' Vote

3 hours 47 min ago

From "It's No!" to "No Thanks," British newspapers devoted their front pages to news that voters in Scotland rejected independence by a 55 percent-to-45 percent margin.

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Women Can't Make Sushi And Other Fishy Myths, Busted

3 hours 48 min ago

Sushi is supposed to be eaten at room temperature and right after it's made. So why are we buying out of the cold case at the supermarket? And where are all the women sushi chefs?

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'Murdersquishing' Them To Death: How Little Bees Take On Enormous Hornets

4 hours 1 min ago

They are small. They are weak. They are vulnerable. But these little bees take on a humongous predator in the most ingenious way.

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India's Modi Calls Al-Qaida's Plans For His Country 'Delusional'

4 hours 5 min ago

The Indian prime minister, in an interview, called his country's Muslims patriots. The remarks are his most forthcoming on India's Muslims, many of whom doubted his commitment to religious minorities.

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Debate: Should Schools Embrace The Common Core?

4 hours 37 min ago

The Common Core has arguably become the most contentious issue in American education. Experts face off over the new state standards in the latest Intelligence Squared debate.

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Iran's 'Happy' Dancers Receive Suspended Sentences

5 hours 10 min ago

Six young Iranians were arrested in May for producing their own version of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy." Iranian authorities said the video, which went viral, offended public morals.

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Robby Hecht On Mountain Stage

5 hours 16 min ago

The award-winning Nashville singer-songwriter performs four songs from his new, self-titled album.

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Book News: National Book Longlists Contain Some Surprises, Many Subtitles

5 hours 22 min ago

Also: George R.R. Martin enters the political fray; Robert Darnton on censorship.

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