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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 19 min 31 sec ago

Widely-Used Insecticides Are Leaching Into Midwest Rivers

30 min 43 sec ago

Researchers found that a class of chemicals similar to nicotine used on corn and soy farms have run off into streams and rivers in the Midwest. There they may be harming aquatic life, like insects.

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Fist Bumps Pass Along Fewer Germs Than Handshakes

38 min 5 sec ago

That strong, sturdy handshake your grandpa taught you isn't the cleanest way to greet someone, scientists say. So should doctors and nurses in hospitals start bumping fist?

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Chances Are Pretty Good That's A Bill Collector Calling

43 min 5 sec ago

About 77 million adults in the U.S. have at least one debt in the collection process, according to a study released by the Urban Institute.

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Report Says Big Changes Are Needed In How Doctors Are Trained

47 min 22 sec ago

We spend $15 billion a year training doctors, but end up with a medical workforce that doesn't meet the nation's health care needs, according to an Institute of Medicine Report.

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Sex And The Single Churl: Another 'Bachelorette' Finale Gets Weird

48 min 27 sec ago

Monday night's Bachelorette finale went in a very unusual direction for a show that usually denies the degree to which it's about sex.

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Chronixx: 'I'm Not A Perfectionist With Music'

51 min 42 sec ago

The roots reggae singer has played to thousands and appeared on Jimmy Fallon, but he says he is only willing to go a certain distance to please the mainstream.

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In 'Blue Eyed Boy,' Author Reveals Long Recovery From Facial Burns

53 min 5 sec ago

Robert Timberg, who was disfigured by a land mine as a Marine in Vietnam, went on to become a successful journalist. His new memoir Blue Eyed Boy charts his struggle to recover from his wounds.

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'Ride Around Shining' Reimagines Gatsby's Nouveau-Riche Excess

53 min 5 sec ago

Chris Leslie-Hynan's debut novel follows a white grad student who's a chauffeur to a black basketball player. It references The Great Gatsby often with fresh takes on race, manhood and meritocracy.

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Saintseneca: Tiny Desk Concert

54 min 5 sec ago

Dark Arc is a pastiche of gentle lyrical moments and punk anthems, often within the same tune. In the NPR offices, the Ohio band performs three alternately brooding and stomping songs from the album.

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Newport Folk 2014 In Photos

54 min 5 sec ago

We saw more than 50 bands over three days during the 55th anniversary of the Newport Folk Festival in seaside Rhode Island. Here are some of the moments we'll remember.

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After 7 Years, Moms Panelists Share How They've Changed

55 min 17 sec ago

Tell Me More's diverse panel of moms join the program one final time to offer some common sense and savvy advice.

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Poet Nikki Giovanni On Change: 'Approach It With A Smile'

57 min 44 sec ago

Host Michel Martin speaks with poet Nikki Giovanni about the role art can play during major, often challenging, moments of transition.

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Where Do Dads Go For Parenting Advice?

59 min 5 sec ago

Fathers often get left out of parenting conversations, whether they're about packing the diaper bag or work-life balance. For more, host Michel Martin is joined by a diverse panel of dads.

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This One Is Worth Watching: New Zealand Retirees Join 'Happy' Meme

1 hour 4 min ago

Yes, they've jumped on the bandwagon months after the fad peaked, but the video is still cute and will pick you up.

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U.S. 'Border Crisis' In A Global Context

1 hour 33 min ago

Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch says what the U.S. is seeing is dwarfed by the massive flow of refugees into other countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Italy.

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Getting Hospice Care Shouldn't Have To Mean Giving Up

2 hours 54 min ago

Medicare is trying a different approach in one experiment: Some hospice patients will still be able to get treatments aimed at prolonging life.

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Solving The Scourge That Is Slow Hotel Wi-Fi

2 hours 59 min ago

Hotels are happy to charge you $300 a night for a stay, but their Wi-Fi speeds are often too slow to stream a movie. Now, two competing sites are trying to solve the problem.

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East Nashville Rocks

3 hours 19 min ago

Four stories of rock and roll musicians making a home — and a scene — in a buzzing neighborhood just across the Cumberland River from the palaces of country music.

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Do You Dare To Venture Through These Tangled 'Woods'?

3 hours 43 min ago

Graphic novelist Emily Carroll's gorgeous new collection of horror stories entwines words and pictures to deliver delicious, twisted-fairy-tale chills. Strange things come and go in these woods.

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NCAA Reaches $75 Million Settlement In Head-Injury Lawsuit

3 hours 59 min ago

The settlement, which a judge has to approve, also calls for a change in the way schools handle concussions, including when players can return to play following such injuries.

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