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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 22 min 21 sec ago

Russian Space Experiment On Gecko Sex Goes Awry

28 min 56 sec ago

A returned space capsule was opened to reveal frozen gecko remains inside, disappointing scientists. On the bright side, the fruit flies that were aboard made it.

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The Troubling Implications Of The Celebrity Photo Leak

1 hour 27 min ago

To learn more about the recent celebrity photo hack, Melissa Block speaks with Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University. They discuss how the photos might have been obtained.

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MRAPs And Bayonets: What We Know About The Pentagon's 1033 Program

1 hour 50 min ago

A database of every item the Pentagon has sent to local, state and federal authorities since 2006 sheds light on the massive scope, and evolution, of the 1033 program.

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A Suspected Ebola Patient On The Run In Liberia

2 hours 40 min ago

A brief video captures the chaos of Ebola in Liberia. A suspected patient, who allegedly fled a treatment center, is pursued by health workers and wrestled into a truck.

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Double Mastectomies Don't Increase Cancer Survival Rates

2 hours 45 min ago

Young women diagnosed with breast cancer are increasingly choosing to have both breasts removed. A big study says that doesn't improve their survival odds any more than less drastic treatments.

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Sounds From The First Day Of School

2 hours 48 min ago

Millions of children are heading back to school this fall, and to mark the traditional start of the school year we've asked reporters from member stations around the country to bring us the sounds.

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North Korea Grants Interviews With American Detainees: To What End?

2 hours 50 min ago

Two U.S. news organizations, CNN and the Associated Press, were granted interviews with three men detained by North Korean authorities.

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In Tom Hanks' iPad App, Typewriters Make Triumphant Return (Ding!)

2 hours 56 min ago

For iPad users who are nostalgic for the clickety-clack of keystrokes and "ding!" of the carriage return, Hanks has created Hanx Writer, an app that simulates using a typewriter.

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John Oliver And Cookie Monster, On The News Beat

3 hours 5 min ago

Just in time for the back-to-school season, funny newsman John Oliver and incorrigible consumer Cookie Monster co-anchor a news special on words.

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State Dept. Officials Work To Verify Islamic State's Beheading Video

3 hours 9 min ago

In a new video released by the militant group Islamic State, American journalist Steven Sotloff appears to be killed by extremists associated with the group.

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New U.S. Rules Protect Giant Bluefin Tuna

3 hours 16 min ago

To reduce the number of giant bluefin tuna killed by fishing fleets, the U.S. is putting out new rules about commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the western Atlantic.

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Should Local Police Get The Military's Extra Armored Trucks?

3 hours 24 min ago

The Pentagon has been transferring mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles to local police. Built to protect U.S. forces from roadside bomb blasts at war, these huge vehicles aren't always welcome.

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Another American Doctor In Liberia Tests Positive For Ebola

3 hours 49 min ago

He's the third American to contract the disease while working in Liberia. In this case, the doctor, who was part of the Christian aid group SIM, was treating obstetrics patients.

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Homes On The Grange: The Storied Tents Of A Pa. Fair

3 hours 51 min ago

The Grange Fair of central Pennsylvania harkens back to the days of the region's rural farming in the 19th century. Beyond the trappings of the typical fair, WPSU's Emily Reddy reports that families bring nearly a thousand tents to live in during the fair — many of which have been passed down through the generations.

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Detroit's Fiscal Future Rests With A Federal Judge

3 hours 51 min ago

Detroit's future comes down to this: a federal trial over the city's plan to emerge from largest municipal bankruptcy ever in the U.S. As Detroit Public Radio's Quinn Klinefelter reports, city officials argue the plan is the best way to propel Detroit into prosperity — but some major creditors aren't pleased with it.

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How A New Police Force In Camden Helped Turn The City Around

3 hours 51 min ago

It's been more than a year since the city of Camden, N.J., dissolved its police force, replacing it with a new county-run department. Police Chief J. Scott Thomson explains those changes.

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Changes At The 'Post' Mark A Break From Paper's Storied Past

3 hours 51 min ago

Tech billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, has announced he's replacing the paper's current publisher with Frederick Ryan, one of the founders of Politico.

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In Every Guy, A Gary Cooper: The Men's Guide On When To Intervene

3 hours 51 min ago

Writer Joe Queenan says all men have a little Gary Cooper in them: They know they have to stand up to bullies. Part of being a man, he says, is knowing when not to walk away.

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Faced With Ukrainian Turmoil, NATO Considers New 'Rapid Reaction Force'

3 hours 51 min ago

In response to unrest in eastern Ukraine, NATO is considering forming a rapid reaction force — a topic that will be discussed at a summit this week in Wales. But how will Russia react, and is this the right move for the alliance? To learn more, Audie Cornish speaks with Steven Pifer, the director of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative at the Brookings Institution.

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Islamic State Video Appears To Show Beheading Of A New U.S. Journalist

3 hours 51 min ago

The Islamist extremist group Islamic State has released a new video that purports to show the beheading of an American journalist named Steven Sotloff. Two weeks ago, the group threatened to kill Sotloff in a video depicting the beheading of James Foley, another American journalist.

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