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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 10 min 21 sec ago

The Problem With That Video Of Tigers Squaring Off With A Drone

16 min 5 sec ago

The enclosure in China's Heilongjiang province, where the drone video was filmed, has been accused of keeping animals in "deplorable conditions."

(Image credit: Goh Chai Hin/AFP/Getty Images)

GOP Health Bill Draft Would Cut Medicaid, Emphasize Tax Credits

17 min 2 sec ago

The plan would replace insurance subsidies for low-income families with tax credits for everyone, eliminate the requirement to buy health care, and end taxes on medical devices.

(Image credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

VX: The Nerve Agent Used To Kill Kim Jong Nam Is Rare And Deadly

1 hour 11 min ago

A colorless, odorless liquid, similar in consistency to motor oil, VX kills in tiny quantities that can be absorbed through the skin. It is among the deadliest chemical weapons ever devised.

(Image credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

'La La Land' Composer Justin Hurwitz On World Cafe

1 hour 38 min ago

La La Land is poised to win big at Sunday's Academy Awards, and it wouldn't be the same without Hurwitz's music.

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

71 Degrees In February: Temperatures In Boston And Buffalo Rewrite Record Book

1 hour 54 min ago

An all-time high temperature for February was recorded in Boston. After breaking a 111-year-old mark for this day, Buffalo also equaled its record high for the month.

(Image credit: National Weather Service)

Democrats Pick Ex-Kentucky Governor To Respond To Trump Speech To Congress

2 hours 9 min ago

Steve Beshear is credited with lowering Kentucky's uninsured rate. Immigration activist Astrid Silva is also scheduled to respond to the president's remarks Tuesday night.

(Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

17 and (Not) Pregnant

2 hours 27 min ago

Gaby Rodriguez Corona, 17, decided to teach people a lesson about stereotyping and ostracizing pregnant teens: she faked her own pregnancy and lived the life of a pregnant teen.

280 Days of Severe Morning Sickness

2 hours 27 min ago

If there's anything Paola Pasley wanted more in life, it was to be a mother – that was until Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

How to Make a Baby in 17 Years

2 hours 27 min ago

Millions of women across the United States suffer from infertility or the inability to carry a baby to term. We hear from Annette Prieto-Llopis, who struggled with infertility for seventeen years

Trump Orders Agencies To Reduce Regulations

2 hours 34 min ago

Surrounded by corporate leaders, President Trump signed an executive action telling government agencies to slash "job killing" rules. Environmentalists argue the move could undo important protections.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Car Bomb Kills More Than 50 People Near Syrian Town Captured From ISIS

2 hours 43 min ago

At least 34 of the dead reportedly were civilians. The blast happened just north of al-Bab, at a checkpoint crowded with people who had fled the fighting and were preparing to return to their homes.

(Image credit: AP)

Dubai's Self-Flying Taxis Have Some Hurdles To Clear Before Taking Off

2 hours 53 min ago

Despite low gas prices in the region, officials are hoping the drones could help solve traffic and air quality problems.

In Reshaping An Early Masterpiece, Choreographer William Forsythe Keeps Ballet On Its Toes

3 hours 1 min ago

The 67-year-old doesn't look like a ballet superstar. But he is known for deconstructing a dance tradition that goes back five centuries.

White House Asked FBI To Refute Russia Reports

3 hours 5 min ago

This kind of contact between the White House and the FBI would be a violation of long-standing protocols on contact between the two organizations.

'Get Out' Mixes Satire, Race And Horror, And The Result Is A Scream

3 hours 7 min ago

A young white woman brings her black boyfriend home to meet her parents in director Jordan Peele's first feature film. Critic David Edelstein says Get Out is a comic thriller worth seeing.

Mike Mills Grapples With His Mother's 'Tricky Ghost' In '20th Century Women'

3 hours 7 min ago

The director has been nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay about a woman figuring out how to raise her teenage son on her own. Originally broadcast Dec. 19, 2016.

For Film's Creators, 'Moonlight' Provided Space To Explore A Painful Past

3 hours 7 min ago

Playwright Tarell McCraney and filmmaker Barry Jenkins drew on their childhood experiences in making Moonlight, which has been nominated for eight Academy Awards. Originally broadcast Oct. 19, 2016.

Uber Accused Of Stealing Technology

3 hours 12 min ago

Uber is being sued again, this time by Waymo, the self-driving car business that's part of Google's parent company Alphabet.

Festival Highlights Mexico's Cultural Contributions To The U.S.

3 hours 19 min ago

The "Music Unwound" festival wrapped up a series of concerts and lectures in and around El Paso, Texas, earlier this week.

Social Media Buzz: From Town Halls To The Oscars

3 hours 25 min ago

Femi Oke of Al Jazeera English tells us how the meetings have gone over on social media, and what Google trends can tell us about who may win at the Oscars.




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