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Assorted stories from NPR
Updated: 50 min 22 sec ago

Top Stories: Migrants In Greece Relocated; Tracking Zika In The U.S.

6 hours 56 min ago

Also: Syria blames other countries for yesterday's deadly bombings; Chinese dancers set a mass dance record; and Angelina Jolie will be a visiting professor at a British university.

Parade Of Goofballs 2016: Can JoJo Find A Prince In A Haystack?

6 hours 58 min ago

It's that time again. A fresh bachelorette has to make her way through 26 men, hoping to find a good one, and we have some thoughts.

PHOTOS: Greece Begins Evacuating Thousands Of Asylum-Seekers From Camp

7 hours 4 min ago

Migrants and refugees have waited for months at the makeshift camp near Idomeni. They hoped to cross into Macedonia, but the border has been shut. Now they're being transferred to camps farther south.

'Invisible Army' Of Immigrant Women Finds Its Voice Through Cooking

7 hours 16 min ago

Brazilian immigrant Roberta Siao says being both a foreigner and mother made it hard to find work in London. At Mazi Mas, a restaurant that trains and employs immigrants, she found more than a job.

Doctor Yearns For Return To Time When Physicians Were 'Artisans'

7 hours 54 min ago

Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, author of a book examining the drive toward standardized quality measures and checklists, says he fears medicine is becoming just another job and not the calling it should be.

Songs We Love: Joseph, 'White Flag'

8 hours 32 min ago

With their buttery harmonies, the Portland sister trio makes the move from quiet acoustic songs to flourishing anthems.

Fueled By Young Voters, Asian-Americans Increasingly Identify As Democrats

9 hours 32 min ago

In the last four years, there's been a 12-point increase in the percent of Asian-Americans who identify as Democrat, according to a new poll. What does that mean for the presidential election?

Why Your Dog Doesn't Respond To You When You're Angry

10 hours 6 min ago

Researchers found that dogs responded more slowly when volunteers expressed negative emotions — like frowny faces, harsh tones and creased brows — while pointing to treats.

To Hear Kids Tell It, Getting Older Is A Real Pain

10 hours 13 min ago

A British film director recently ran across a book called Happy Birthday! (You Poor Old Wreck). The premise: children imagine what it feels like to be 40. Their predictions — not pretty.

We Followed A Snowy Owl From Maryland To Ontario

10 hours 28 min ago

In the spring of 2015, a snowy owl named Baltimore was fitted with a backpack GPS transmitter. The data that transmitter collected over the past year shines a light on a mysterious species.

'Smoke' Is A Gloriously Murky Vision Of The Past

10 hours 32 min ago

Dan Vyleta's new novel imagines an alternate Victorian England where ill deeds (and even ill thoughts) are made visible by vile black Smoke; it's a marker not just of personal worth but also class.

'Helping Children Succeed' Starts At Birth; Here's How To Do It

10 hours 32 min ago

Paul Tough's new book surveys the best new evidence on how to overcome the effects of poverty.

Verizon, Quicken Loans And Others Bid On Yahoo's Core Internet Business

12 hours 27 min ago

Bidders will submit offers next week for a second round of bidding on Yahoo's Internet business. Renee Montagne talks to Executive Editor Kara Swisher of Recode, a tech news site.

ISIS Bombings Target Syrian Coastal Cities

12 hours 27 min ago

David Greene talks to Sam Dagher of "The Wall Street Journal" about the significance of recent bombings in the Syria port cities of Tartus and Jableh, not far from Russian military facilities.

U.S. Defense Contractors May Be Slow To Profit From Lifting Of Arms Embargo Against Vietnam

12 hours 27 min ago

Now that the U.S. arms embargo has been lifted, Vietnam will be able to access the latest weapons technologies from the United States. What does this mean for U.S. arms manufacturers?

Secretary Johnson On Efforts To Cut Airport Security Wait Times

12 hours 27 min ago

The head of TSA security operations is out. There were allegations of mismanagement and massive security lines at airports. David Greene talks to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

El Nino Offers Clues To California's Future Under Climate Change

12 hours 27 min ago

El Nino didn't deliver the monster rains many Californians were hoping for but it wasn't a total bust. The weather system raised ocean temperatures off the coast and led to some extremely high tides.

House Panel Hearings May Lead To Impeachment Of IRS Commissioner Koskinen

12 hours 27 min ago

House Republicans pushing to impeach the IRS commissioner make their case Tuesday on Capitol Hill. They accuse him of lying under oath to Congress.

To Shorten Long Security Lines Union Calls For More TSA Screeners

12 hours 27 min ago

The American Federation of Government Employees has called for 6,000 new screeners to handle the rise in air travel traffic. Renee Montagne talks to union President J. David Cox.

Gig Economy Reduces Lower Quality Entrepreneurial Activity, Study Shows

12 hours 27 min ago

The gig economy might allow entrepreneurs more freedom to earn a living working hours that suit start-up activities, but that it discourages lower quality ventures — the type that fail on Kickstarter.




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