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Assorted stories from NPR
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Survivors Of Mass Shootings Face Renewed Trauma From Conspiracy Theorists

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 3:10pm

The idea that victims of mass shootings are hired actors who stage tragedies in order to achieve political gain has drifted from obscure right-wing media into the mainstream.

(Image credit: Mark Ralston /AFP/Getty Images)

Why Are Iguanas' Skulls Being Crushed In The Name Of Science?

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 2:30pm

A scientific project for killing invasive green iguanas in Florida has become the center of national attention. Anthropologist Barbara J. King looks at wildlife management and methods.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Robots Are Trying To Pick Strawberries. So Far, They're Not Very Good At It

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 2:27pm

Strawberry growers are so worried about the farmworker shortage that they're testing a strawberry-picking robot. But while picking strawberries is easy for humans, machines struggle with the task.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)

Small City Moves To Opt Out Of California Sanctuary Law

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 2:15pm

Los Alamitos, an Orange County city of fewer than 12,000, is aligning itself with a harder line on immigration than the more liberal policies adopted elsewhere in the state.

(Image credit: Amy Taxin/AP)

President Trump Congratulates Putin On Re-Election

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 2:09pm

President Trump placed a congratulatory call to Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday, two days after an election marred by ballot-box stuffing and forced voting.

(Image credit: Mikhail Klimentyev/AFP/Getty Images)

23 Russian Diplomats Fly Home, Expelled From U.K. Amid Poisoning Dispute

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 1:59pm

The move is intended to punish Moscow for an alleged nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil. Moscow has responded by expelling 23 British diplomats in turn.

(Image credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images)

Reporter's Notebook: Theranos And The Mysterious Walgreens Fire Alarm

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 1:58pm

When a health care reporter asked patients about their experience getting blood tests at a Walgreens in Palo Alto, Calif., the interactions with Theranos representatives became strained.

(Image credit: Paul Sakuma/AP)

Slovakia Government's Collapse Not Enough To End Protests Over Journalist's Murder

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 1:54pm

An investigative journalist and his fiancée were killed, sparking a political upheaval. But that failed to quell the largest protests in the Central European country since the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

(Image credit: Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson/NPR)

Taste Buds Dull As People Gain Weight. Now Scientists Think They Know Why

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 1:01pm

Doctors have known that as people pack on the pounds, their sense of taste diminishes. New research in mice helps explain what's going on: Inflammation brought on by obesity may be killing taste buds.

(Image credit: Omikron Omikron/Getty Images/Science Source)

Lamb Recipes For Spring That Prove It's Easier To Cook Than You Might Think

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:52pm

It's a meat that will be appearing on tables a lot in the next few weeks.

NRA Opens Up On 'Red Flag' Laws

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:47pm

As NPR's Martin Kaste reports, the gun rights group now seems to be open to such laws — at least, on the surface.

Republican Lawmakers Say Mueller Needs No Protection

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:46pm

Top Republicans on Capitol Hill say they are confident that President Trump will not try to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Kiss Off, You're Irish: In Experiment, Detroit Pub Bans St. Patrick's Day Revelers

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:43pm

To help humanize and bring historical perspective to the issue of immigration, the "No Irish Pub" turned away people based on two criteria: being Irish or wearing green to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.

(Image credit: Dan Margulis for NPR)

Watch Kaia Kater Perform "Everything Is Free" Live At Pickathon 2017

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:42pm

Every month this year, opbmusic and NPR Music will present a song recorded live at the Woods Stage at Pickathon.

(Image credit: Natalie Behring/Natalie Behring)

Who Might Be Behind The Austin Bombings?

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:40pm

Clint Van Zandt, former chief negotiator for the FBI, joins Here & Now's Robin Young to discuss who might be behind the string of bombings in Texas.

More Than 100,000 Puerto Rico Homes, Businesses Still Without Electricity

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:33pm

Six months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico's power grid, the energy crisis continues.

Author Traces Christianity's Path From 'Forbidden Religion' To A 'Triumph'

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 12:04pm

Religious scholar Bart Ehrman says that the early spread of Christianity transformed the entire history of the West — for better or worse. His new book is The Triumph Of Christianity.

(Image credit: Feng Wei Photography/Getty Images)

A Chinese Space Lab Will Soon Fall From The Sky. Where It Lands, No One Knows

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 11:51am

Most of the Chinese space lab, the size of a city bus, will burn up in the atmosphere, but some debris may survive re-entry.

(Image credit: Kin Cheung/AP)

Spending Bill Caught In Partisan Fight Ahead Of Friday Deadline

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 11:46am

A long-term spending bill has been delayed over partisan squabbling about unrelated measures, including health care, immigration and gun control.

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

Senate Intel Committee Urges More Funding, IT Upgrades To Secure 2018 Election

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 11:25am

Senators released a list of recommendations Tuesday that included an urgent call to give states more money and information to improve their elections.

(Image credit: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)




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