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Assorted stories from NPR
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It's Not The Size Of This Sumo Wrestler That's Stunning

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 2:44pm

In a sport where the average combatant weighs more than 400 pounds, Czech sumo sensation Pavel Bojar stands out at a svelte 216 pounds.

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Kremlin Blacklists 13 Americans In Tit-For-Tat Over U.S. Sanctions

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 1:44pm

Virginia Democrat Rep. Jim Moran and a dozen others are on the list of people who will not be allowed to travel to Russia.

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Americans Really Like Jews. Muslims And Atheists? Not So Much.

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 1:11pm

A new Pew poll asked how warmly respondents felt toward people of varying religious groups. The answers varied with race, age and political leanings — and not all the feelings were mutual.

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Why An African-American Sports Pioneer Remains Obscure

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 12:40pm

The story of Alice Coachman Davis, who died last week, offers plentiful reminders about mid-century attitudes on race and gender. But ultimately, her story is about transcending all that.

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Dutch Premier Decries 'Utterly Disrespectful Behavior' At MH17 Crash Site

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 12:13pm

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he had a "very intense" conversation with Vladimir Putin about the Russian leader using his influence with Moscow-backed rebels to secure access to the scene.

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States That Raised Minimum Wage See Faster Job Growth, Report Says

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 11:25am

The 13 states that lifted their minimum wage levels on January 1 experienced added jobs at a faster pace than the 37 states that kept wage levels steady.

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Extremists Leave A Violent Message In A Small Iraqi Town

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 11:12am

The Sunni town fought back when Sunni Muslim extremists from the Islamic State tried to impose their rule. The extremists leveled the town as a warning to Sunnis who won't accept their brutal rule.

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Deploying Drones To Get An Overview Of Factory Farms

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 11:09am

Writer Will Potter raised money through Kickstarter to buy drones and other equipment to investigate animal agriculture in the U.S. He says drones will help him circumvent so-called "ag-gag" laws.

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Inspectors Struggle To Collect Evidence At MH17 Crash Site

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 10:33am

At the site where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed in eastern Ukraine, inspector Michael Bociurkiw says rebels have allowed some access, but the inspectors are hampered by a lack of equipment.

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As New York Embraces HIV-Preventing Pill, Some Voice Doubts

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 9:29am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is supporting the drug Truvada as part of the state's ambitious plan to fight AIDS. But some advocates worry it will encourage risky behavior or won't reach the most vulnerable.

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200,000+ Sign Petition To Move 'Sad Bear' To Better Life In Canada

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 9:28am

Arturo the polar bear, living in a cramped and hot zoo enclosure in Argentina, is the subject of an online campaign that includes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

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Fresh Air Weekend: Angela Ricketts; Chaz Ebert And Steve James

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 8:03am

In her book No Man's War, Angela Ricketts writes about raising three kids while her husband deployed. Filmmaker Steve James and Chaz Ebert discuss Life Itself, a documentary about Robert Ebert.

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Marisa Anderson: Tiny Desk Concert

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:03am

Anderson knows where American guitar music has been and where it is now. But mostly, she just wants to kick up some dirt, here with a Rev. Gary Davis deconstruction and a Stratocaster hoedown.

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In Tracking Bats, It Helps To Find Them Adorable

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Julia Hoeh is a bat tracker. For $350 a week plus basic housing in rural Tennessee, she stays up long after midnight to affix radio trackers to bats and collect samples of their DNA.

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Israel Intensifies Ground War In Gaza

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

International correspondent Ari Shapiro talks with NPR's Scott Simon from Jerusalem about about the second day of the Israeli military invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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Marisa Ronstadt, Cousin Of Linda, Spans Genres For 'Moon'

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Marisa Ronstadt is the younger cousin of the famous singer, Linda Ronstadt. But she has her own band, and a new album. She talks with NPR's Scott Simon about a life in music.

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People Share Moon Landing Memories On Youtube Channel

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Sunday is the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Buzz Aldrin about his new Youtube channel, where people around the world can share memories from the historic day.

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The Opposite Of Schadenfreude: Vicarious Embarrassment

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Guardian columnist Oliver Burkeman says he suffers from vicarious embarrassment, and can't watch cringe-inducing viral videos. He tells NPR's Scott Simon about what's known as Fremscham in German.

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Germany Goes Low-Tech To Foil U.S. Spying

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Going off the grid is one way to shake off cyberspies. Germany is thinking about doing so by bringing back the typewriter, but Spy Museum historian Vince Houghton tells NPR's Scott Simon that it's not likely to work.

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Author Finds The Human Side Of The IMF

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 7:00am

Liaquat Ahamed's new book looks at one the world's most powerful international institutions. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author talks with NPR's Scott Simon about Money and Tough Love: On Tour with the IMF.

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