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AVE is a fairly new vocal group in Huntsville. This Sunday (2/26) they'll be performing at 3 at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The program features choral works by Thomas Tallis, Eric Whitacre, Morton Lauridsen and local composer Susan Fletcher. Ms. Fletcher, pianist Kathy Heim and Andy Kruspe from St. Thomas chatted with Ginny Kennedy about the upcoming performance and what's to come for the vocal ensemble.

News from NPR

The court heard two cases today: One on whether the government can deport a resident for a statutory rape conviction, and another on whether a state can criminalize social media use for sex offenders.

It would be the first time humans have traveled beyond low Earth orbit since the days of Apollo. The mission would be manned and financed by two private, anonymous customers.

The aftermath of the controversial shooting went viral as it was streamed live on Facebook by the Castile's girlfriend.

From the death that sparked a hashtag that became a national movement, Black Lives Matter takes on a new urgency under President Trump. Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors discusses what lies ahead.

President Trump's proposed increase in defense spending could help the Defense Department plug current holes in the force, but it wouldn't cover the major expansion he supports.

The new AG held his first on-record briefing as head of the Justice Department on Monday. He said he's "not a fan" of legalized marijuana use, and threats against Jewish centers are unacceptable.

New research calculates the greenhouse gas emissions involved in making bread, from wheat field to bakery. The vast majority of emissions come from one step in the process: farming.

The repealed Securities and Exchange Commission rule required oil, gas and mining companies to disclose overseas payments. It was meant to promote transparency in countries riddled with corruption.

Former President George W. Bush repeatedly declined to criticize Obama or offer him unsolicited advice. But on NBC's Today, Bush weighed in on President Trump's travel ban, Russia and the media.

An Idaho judge concluded an attack on a black, mentally disabled teenager, in which his white teammate kicked a coat hanger up his rectum, was not a sexual assault or racially motivated attack.

The Trump Justice Department asked a federal court to dismiss the Obama DOJ's earlier claim that the ID law was enacted with the intention of discriminating against minority voters.

Authorities cut off service to the capital, Santiago, following torrential rains that contaminated the water supply. People are now scrambling to find alternative sources of drinking water.

Teens should be included in efforts to mitigate their online risks, researchers say, but apps focus more on parents controlling access by monitoring and blocking sites.

The off-Broadway play, in which a barber's clients become filling for meat pies, may make you lose your appetite. But former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses bakes a tempting pre-theater treat.



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