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Scott Simon speaks with ESPN's Howard Bryant about the Cub's world series victory, and the importance of baseball in our lives.

Firearms sales are soaring across the country in the lead up to Election Day. Gun shop owners and firearm manufacturers are pointing to election-related angst as the cause.

Hillary Clinton campaigned in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in an effort to excite young voters and shore up turnout among African-Americans in states that can protect her path to victory.

Iraqi forces are fighting to retake Mosul from ISIS, but could ISIS lose the battle and still win the war? Seth Jones from the Rand corporation looks at other insurgencies in history for answers.

Want to fool facial recognition software? Try some groovy glasses. It turns out patterned glasses can lead the program to misidentify people.

In North Dakota the Army Corps of Engineers met with Native American leader hoping to avoid more confrontations between police and Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

Daniel Ortega is poised to extend his lengthy rule and has elevated his wife to his vice presidential running mate. Critics say he has eliminated all serious opposition.

The Clinton campaign now admits it has been deliberately trying to get Donald Trump to personally react to its TV ads.

Elizabeth Warren and two other senators are asking the bank about reports of retribution against would-be whistleblowers. The senators cite NPR reports about workers who were fired or pushed to quit.

Tired and unhappy with the city's actions, a group of Detroit activists put a measure on the ballot that would require large project developers to negotiate a binding agreement with the community.




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