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For the first time in decades, the struggling U.S. team may not qualify for next year's World Cup. But the return of Bruce Arena, who led the team to two World Cups, brings hopes of a turnaround.

President Trump has suggested an import tax of up to 45 percent on goods made by U.S. firms overseas. But it's illegal to single out individual companies and it's unclear what form the tax would take.

"Among many other things, we will build the wall" along the border with Mexico, the president said Tuesday. The campaign promise gets closer to reality with a new executive action.

President Trump's statements that aren't true challenge many newsrooms. NPR will report what it can verify, says news chief Michael Oreskes.

Apple is about to join Amazon and Netflix and get into the content making business, sources say. Apple stands to boost revenue, analysts say, but finding success in Hollywood isn't easy.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is vowing to lead the nation on climate change, as the Trump administration pulls back. But Trump's EPA could get in California's way over tougher car rules.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, some of those left uninsured will be veterans. They may turn to the VA, further burdening a troubled health care system.

Geert Wilders wants his country to return to its white, Christian roots, shut down mosques and exit the EU. He's favored to win March elections, though unlikely to become prime minister.

Democrats suffered a stunning defeat in the November election. As the party tries to rebuild, one place that might offer some lessons is Ohio, a state long considered a presidential battleground.

An outbreak of fungal infections tied to contaminated medicines killed at least 64 people and sickened about 700 more. Almost five years later, many people are still feeling the effects.




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