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Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles has the latest on the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew from Port-au-Prince.

The presidential candidates could not be more different, but their vice presidential picks share many traits. NPR's Mara Liasson reviews the debate, along with pollsters Margie Omero and John Feehery.

Duane Buck was given the death penalty after an expert witness testified that he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because he was black. The Supreme Court hears his case Wednesday.

One of the biggest Nazi relics, a massive beachfront indoctrination camp on the Baltic Sea, has been transformed into condominiums and a luxury tourist resort. It's causing a stir.

Might the recent collapse of U.S.-Russia cooperation on Syria open the door to a possible escalation in cyberwar? Both sides now have more to gain — and lose.

The nearly billion-dollar losses Donald Trump appears to have claimed on some leaked tax forms could have come from risky investments in casinos, an airline and more.

With diplomacy at a standstill, what is the military strategy for the Syrian regime and rebels? Residents fear regime forces will massacre civilians — or the current siege will force surrender.

Tricia Olson gave birth to her son and was back on the job three weeks later. Like most Americans, she doesn't get paid family leave, and she's among the 40 percent who don't qualify for unpaid leave.

The Justice Department has been trying to take down the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, a violent prison gang. In 2014, 73 members were convicted. But a top ABT member says the group is bowed, not broken.

Molecular biologist Monica Dus is studying fruit flies to understand how a high sugar diet affects the brain and leads to overeating and obesity. And she just won a big grant to dig deeper.




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