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Transcripts that have been released under the Freedom of Information Act show personal conversations between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Some of the messages prove they were pretty good friends.

Gov. Robert Bentley (R) says the Obama administration is blatantly excluding the states and not providing critical information about refugees needed to protect the health and safety of citizens.

These two species have been in danger of extinction for decades, but have responded well to conservation efforts. Those measures are going to stay in effect.

Baltimore journalist Adam Marton was looking at homicide data when he saw the name of the man he says stole his car, and remembered the scene: a subwoofer, a baby seat, a pile of job applications.

Protesters angry about the shooting death of Laquan McDonald at the hands of Chicago police say the mayor should resign. But Emanuel is weathering the crisis, and a recall effort faces obstacles.

Five years ago Friday, a gunman opened fire in a parking lot in Tucson, Ariz., killing six and wounding others — including Mary Reed, who had been protecting her daughter. This is their story.

For a while, the president's plan for increasing vehicles' fuel efficiency worked — he said it would save money and reduce carbon pollution. Then came cheap gas, and the improvements have stalled.

Monique Pressley is called "masterful" in her public message. She hits the spotlight of the Bill Cosby case after a career as a defense attorney, prosecutor and religion-based broadcaster.

Everything you absolutely must know about personal finance fits on an index card — according to a blog post that went viral in 2013. Now its author has expanded the basics into a book, The Index Card.

The Republican front-runner stopped in one of the most liberal states in the country for a raucous rally.




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