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Some 30,000 African elephants die each year as a result of poaching. Journalist Bryan Christy wanted to see where their tusks were going, so he ordered fake tusks and fitted them with trackers.

Melissa Gilbert is running for a congressional seat in Michigan. She's the latest in a long line of celebrities with political aspirations.

"Frankly, we've done a pretty good job on some big pieces of business, which then allows me also to focus on some issues that we might have been working on quietly," Obama told NPR.

Last year's domestic violence scandal in the NFL spurred the league into action on an issue critics said had gone ignored for years. The problem continues — and so do the efforts to fight it.

Mediums say they can tap into the spirits of famous artists and authors to create new works. In other countries, it might be called fraud. But in Brazil, it's considered a form of religious worship.

Despite other gains, New Orleans' murder rate, which hit a 40-year low last year, is on the rise again and remains nearly quadruple that of other cities its size. Residents say police need to do more.

President Robert Mugabe made his first public statement about the lion, saying his compatriots must protect their country's natural resources from foreign "vandals."

A Spanish billionaire had the painting on his yacht, but wanted to sell it in Europe. Spanish authorities intervened, calling the Picasso a "national treasure" that can't be sold abroad.

Iran will need at least a year to produce the material needed for a bomb, up from the current two or three months, the president says. But he acknowledges that those limitations will fall away.

Among heating lamps and sneeze guards, you could just meet the next president. Candidates love the chain because it's ubiquitous and cheap.




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