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How are great teachers created? Practice, practice, practice, says Deborah Ball, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education.

Secretary of State John Kerry has helped forge an agreement between Israel and Jordan, in an effort to defuse violence between Israelis and Palestinians over the past few weeks.

The Democrats running for president are in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday night for the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner, one of the marquee events leading up to January's Iowa caucus.

Residents of the west coast of Mexico are assessing the damage from Hurricane Patricia on Saturday. The storm hit late Friday night but lost some of its record-breaking strength as it made landfall.

Donald Trump is slated to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7, which could put local stations in a tough spot, trying to balance candidates' air time. Meanwhile, Latino groups are condemning the move.

There are few places where Obama is less liked than West Virginia. But for decades, Democrats could count on the state's voters in presidential contests, with only rare exceptions.

John Kerry keeps plugging away at two intractable conflicts — Israel/Palestine and Syria. His latest diplomacy takes him to Amman, Jordan.

Host Scott Simon talks World Series (that'd be baseball) with Howard Bryant of and ESPN The Magazine.

Tens of thousands of migrants are surging through the Balkans and landing on Austria's doorstep, on the border of Slovenia. They're fleeing war and poverty.

The air marshal program established after 9/11 is still around and has cost $9 billion. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Congressman John Duncan about whether we should scrap the program.




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