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As Congress attempts to rewrite the much-maligned federal education law, it's worth exploring it's successes and shortcomings in fixing broken schools.

The deal increases spending for defense and domestic programs and raises the federal debt ceiling through March 2017. It now must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Ed Walker died Monday after signing off his long-running show, The Big Broadcast, for the last time. The show, heard out of NPR member station WAMU, reprised programs from the golden age of radio.

Nigeria is now off the list — the last case was in 2014. That leaves Afghanistan and Pakistan as the last two countries harboring the virus.

Nimmu lives in northern India and was married at 10. But she's found a way to delay moving in with her husband.

The three remaining Democratic presidential candidates appeared at a major event in Iowa over the weekend, the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, with thousands of party faithful in attendance.

The epicenter of the magnitude-7.5 quake was in a region straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan and was felt strongly in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

For three seasons, fans have flocked to Hulu for East Los High. The teen soap follows its characters through the tumult of adolescence and uses a secret weapon to deliver life lessons along the way.

A lot of people think doctors are being way too absolutist about moderate drinking in pregnancy. But the doctors say since there's no way to know what's safe, it's not worth the risk.

As resale prices drop, the emissions cheating scandal is costing customers who want to sell their Volkswagen diesels. "I think it's a tainted product now," says analyst Dave Galvin.




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