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To get perspective on how unusual Paul Manafort's lobbying activities were, we turn to Republican strategist John Feehery.

What are the next steps for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

Italy added a new item to schools' curriculum: recognizing fake news. With help from leading digital companies, the government hopes to train students to differentiate between fake and real stories.

The first charges in the special counsel investigation give more details about what was said and done relating to Russia during the presidential campaign, particularly in the spring and summer.

The Puerto Rican government has prioritized getting power back to hospitals. Many clinics and doctors' offices, like other small businesses on the island, still don't have electricity.

Facebook says 126 million people may have seen Russian content aimed at influencing Americans. Marketing gurus say Facebook is unlikely to solve the problem because of its ad-based business model.

Indonesia's founding philosophy includes the notions of unity and social justice for all. But there are growing concerns that the country is becoming less tolerant than it once was.

Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller unveiled his first charges in the Russia imbroglio on Monday. Three former Trump aides were involved, and members of Congress have said they want to pass a bill protecting Mueller from being fired by Trump if the president feels threatened.

Puerto Rico is canceling the controversial $300 million contract for work rebuilding the island's electric grid. How does that affect recovery efforts, and who's now going to rebuild the power lines?

The ambush in Niger that left four U.S. troops dead has boosted calls on Capitol Hill for a new legal basis to carry out such actions overseas. An architect of the AUMF, John Bellinger III, weighs in.




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