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When the president went to Utah on Monday, he may have been working to keep Romney from having a path through that state to the Senate — and a perch as the top non-Trump Republican in Washington.

In Brazil, civic hackathons have become a popular way for people to use coding to help clean up their politics. The comes after a widespread corruption investigation uncovered how deep the fraud extends in the country's government.

There's been a big effort across the country to reduce the number of people who are jailed because they can't afford to pay court fees or make bail, but that's not the case everywhere. NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with investigative reporter Joseph Neff from the Marshall Project about a new North Carolina law that will make it more difficult for state judges to waive fines and fees for poor people.

After a lightning round of changes, Senate Republicans passed a tax bill early Saturday morning. Buried in the bill are lots of details with important implications that were added before it passed.

The rationale behind the GOP tax plan is that the economy needs stimulus. But it's already growing and near full employment. And the plan could be undercut by the Fed as it raises interest rates.

On Tuesday, Russia will learn whether it will be allowed to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Officials have already stripped six medals won by Russia in the previous Winter Olympics because of doping.

"In light of its decision to consider the case on an expedited basis, we expect that the Court of Appeals will render its decision with appropriate dispatch," the order says.

In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press in hopes they would help end the Vietnam War. He looks back on his early days as a national security analyst in The Doomsday Machine.

The former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has reportedly been killed by a rebel faction, the Houthis, in the war-torn country. NPR's Beirut correspondent has more.

President Trump on Monday is expected to announce that his administration will dramatically shrink two large national monuments that protect hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in Utah.




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