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There are some topics about which it seems no amount of data will change people's minds: things like climate change, or restrictions on gun ownership.

The sound of most East African cities is dominated by a few things: motorcycles, buses, and shouts from street vendors. But in Tanzania's largest city the soundscape is dominated by something unexpected.

This week's All Tech Considered looks at how words pop up when we compose messages on our devices. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Ben Medlock of Swiftkey about all you ever wanted to know about word prediction software.

A new type of volunteer opportunity has taken off in New York City. Hundreds of people are going with immigrants to court appearances and appointments with immigration officials. With President Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration, they want to show solidarity, and be a friendly support system.

Americans with relatives jailed in Egypt are looking to Vice President Mike Pence to use his trip to Cairo to push for their release. There are nearly 20 Americans among the tens of thousands of political prisoners in Egypt today.

It used to be a holiday tradition for the President to spend Christmas at Camp David, the rustic presidential retreat in the Maryland woods. But President Trump seems to prefer his own resorts during the holidays.

This year, the world came tantalizingly close to wiping out two human diseases: Guinea worm and polio. But right at the finish line, both eradication projects have run into surprising roadblocks.

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with The New York Times' South Asia reporter Maria Abi-Habib about how Saudi Arabia pressured Lebanon's prime minister Saad Hariri to resign and blame Iran.

Vice Media is currently embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. Several women are saying they endured harassment and groping while on the job.

Often when police approach a person, it's not always a "Merry Christmas" sort of situation. But some police departments around the country have started taking some time to play Santa — including in Harrisonburg, Va. There, an officer on Secret Santa detail found a mom doing lawn care, and gave her $100.




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