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Hearing firsthand accounts from survivors has been key for Holocaust education. The first-of-its-kind exhibit features holograms of 13 survivors who answered 2,000 questions about their experiences.

Seeking to cut greenhouse gas emissions dramatically by 2030, regulators approved a plan that offers incentives for truck and bus fleets to go green and for utilities to use more renewable energy.

A morgue in Mosul, Iraq, documented more than 5,000 civilians killed during the battle to free the city from ISIS — likely more than the number of ISIS fighters that died.

Officials across Arizona agree that the state must solve its growing opioid problem. But some people fear that several strategies under consideration encourage drug use.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is the latest leader to face the ire of Republicans who are angry about what they call bias at the highest levels of federal law enforcement.

It can seem arbitrary the way certain people fascinate us. But researcher Elizabeth Currid-Halkett says celebrity has a formula. So does being part of any social group — perhaps even your own.

Millions of Americans struggle to make rent and most don't get any government help. In Dallas, city hall and a prominent landlord are some of the latest moving pieces in this decades-long problem.

Chef and sustainable seafood advocate Barton Seaver works to get people excited about fish. He says there are lots of species that are not endangered that we should be eating, like Hake.

Some countries, such as France, Austria and Poland, prohibit removing people from their homes during cold weather but that's not the case in the United States.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans have moved to the U.S. mainland after Hurricane Maria. On Saturday, Hartford, Conn., welcomed some of its newcomers with a Puerto Rican Christmas tradition: a parranda.




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