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Many Mexicans are angry over President Trump's executive order to begin building a wall along the border. Some Mexican politicians are asking their president to cancel a planned meeting with Trump.

Actress Mary Tyler Moore helped redefine women's roles on TV. She starred in one of the first hit shows to feature a single career woman — The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Moore died Wednesday at age 80.

Many groups are raising questions about President Trump's conflicts of interest, but do they have the "standing" to challenge him in court? Some legal experts say Trump's business competitors might.

Some point to Canada's immigration system as a model for U.S. reform. Canada is nearly a quarter foreign-born, yet it doesn't seem to wrestle with anti-immigrant nativism that has erupted in the U.S.

USA Luge is looking for the next generation of competitors to hop in those sleds and rip down icy tracks at about 90 miles an hour. It is throwing regional events to find new, young talent.

Republicans are holding their annual congressional retreat in Philadelphia, where they hope to find consensus on the party's strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Massachusetts' highest court is considering whether roadside sobriety tests for marijuana can be used as evidence of driving stoned in the same way they are used to determine if a driver is drunk.

The plan is on hold while a legal battle plays out. Even if it's upheld, the Trump administration is likely to appeal to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, states are looking at energy alternatives.

Journalist Evan Osnos discusses the Silicon Valley survivalists who are stockpiling food and weapons and investing in luxury underground bunkers. "They feel a sense of fragility in our politics."

For the first time in decades, the struggling U.S. team may not qualify for next year's World Cup. But the return of Bruce Arena, who led the team to two World Cups, brings hopes of a turnaround.




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