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The results are in from the clinical trials of a new vaccine — and it looks like a potent weapon. In fact, there are already plans to stockpile it.

Not sure how to respond if you see a bias-based attack or hate crime in public? Some activists are training people on how best to intervene and not just walk away.

In the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS, the Qayyarah Airfield West is a key staging base run by Iraqi and U.S. forces. Ash Carter visited there Dec. 11 and awarded medals to eight Iraqi soldiers.

There were expectations that Donald Trump would do worse with Latino voters than any candidate in history, but that didn't happen.

The STOCK Act bars presidents and members of Congress from trading securities based on the kind of insider information they routinely have access to.

The federal government pays for kidney transplants. But the program only pays for essential anti-rejection drugs for three years. Many people can't afford them, and can end up losing the kidney.

Despite the fossil fuel-friendly cabinet shaping up under President-elect Donald Trump, renewable energy companies aren't as pessimistic as you might think. They say market forces are on their side.

Paper money is scarce as a result of a government edict. But a couple of major obstacles stand in the way of the cashless society.

Seeing someone close to you experience racial discrimination may have more of an effect on health than experiencing that discrimination yourself, a study finds.

Politico reporter Michael Crowley discusses President-elect Donald Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "There's something I think we don't completely understand," Crowley says.




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