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Oakland is rethinking how much medical marijuana dispensaries should pay the city to operate and who gets those licenses. It's also trying to promote diversity in an industry dominated by white men.

Many U.S. Christians have struggled this year with what faith means when it comes time to make political choices, and even whether faith and politics should mix.

New Jersey drivers have enjoyed relatively cheap gasoline thanks to low taxes. But that changed on Tuesday when the state's gas tax jumped 23 cents a gallon. Station owners fear they'll lose business.

The U.S.-backed troops have pushed through territory faster than expected in this pivotal offensive. The last major ISIS-held urban center in Iraq hangs in the balance.

Donald Trump's comments and alleged actions toward women have exposed a gender divide among white evangelical voters, who have a history of demanding that politicians exemplify character and morality.

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is on trial for "inciting hatred" against immigrants. Wilders has boycotted the trial, claiming that it's "against freedom of expression."

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have proposals to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. Meanwhile, ballots in some 400 local communities feature public transit and infrastructure projects.

The FBI promised a swift review of a trove of emails that may be relevant to the probe of Hillary Clinton's server. David Greene talks to ex-FBI assistant director James Kallstrom, a Trump supporter.

Iraqi troops, with U.S. support, are on the outskirts of the Norther Iraqi city. Mosul has been under ISIS control for more than two years.

Prices for Obamacare have risen for many — but so have discounts. Many may end up paying less this year.




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