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Farage, who led the charge for Britain to leave the EU, resigned his post as leader of the UKIP party. "I've done my bit," he told reporters.

On July 4, 1776, church bells rang out over Philadelphia as the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence.

As the Olympic trials loom in women's gymnastics, an informal group of blogs and podcasts called the "gymternet" has been shaking up how the sport is covered — focusing on athleticism, not sparkles.

Police forces say the number of hate crimes reported in the U.K. has increased dramatically in the week since the "Brexit" vote. Esmat Jeraj of Citizens UK talks about the recent racial tension.

A new study says the population of Adelie penguins in the Antarctic could drop dramatically in population by 2099 due to climate change. Megan Cimino, who headed the study, explains why.

Melting Arctic ice is giving Russia new shipping routes and access to oil. They're also building up militarily, in what could be the next crisis zone between Russia and the West.

Only about half of geriatric fellowships for medical residents in the U.S. are filled each year. Some students blame overwhelming medical school debt, which grows with every extra year of training.

The Supreme Court left in place a decision to block the president's immigration plan. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies and Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum respond.

Susannah George of The Associated Press has details on the bombing in Baghdad, Iraq that left at least 121 people dead Sunday. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

It exploded early Sunday on a busy street in the Karada neighborhood, where people were gathering to shop and socialize during a lively Ramadan night. People had just finished watching a soccer match.




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