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Daniel Byman of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution discusses the ongoing investigation into the explosions in New York and New Jersey and the stabbing in Minnesota.

In the city of Santa Barbara, north of Los Angeles, the demand for senior housing is so great the wait list is now closed. For many of those seniors, their only safe living option is in their cars.

New York police, the FBI and other agencies are investigating a bombing in Manhattan Saturday that injured 29 people.

Tennis star Venus Williams is a backer and Sallie Krawcheck heads a new investment company aimed at women. They talk about why they think a platform like this is needed.

A U.S. airstrike on Syrian military forces aligned with Bashar Assad has challenged the already tenuous cease-fire in Syria.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken during the busing desegregation protests captured a nation. The photographer and subject of "The Soiling of Old Glory," talk about it's significance 40 years on.

Drug czar Pablo Escobar's son studied to be an architect. But his late father's notoriety interfered with business, so today he's a speaker urging kids to stay away from drugs.

With the likely discovery of the HMS Terror in polar waters, NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with novelist Dan Simmons, author of The Terror a fictionalized account of the wreck of HMS Terror and Erebus.

After a summer of enjoying a healthy lead in the polls, Hillary Clinton's lead appears to have shrunk in the latest polls. That could have something to do with how polling changes after Labor Day.

The Paralympics wrap up on Sunday. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with blind athlete Dartanyon Crockett who won a bronze medal in Rio in Judo.




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