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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed without dissent that a controversial gun law permitting citizens to keep a gun for self defense also applies to a stun gun.

A Turkish columnist once hailed the country's leader as a champion of democracy. Now he joins many Turks in gloom and disappointment over the country's course.

Despite the attention to lead in water, the biggest health risk to children is still from lead paint. The city of Baltimore banned lead paint way back in 1950, but children continue to be poisoned.

When summer brings heat, humidity and mosquitoes, cities along the Gulf Coast may become gateways for Zika into the U.S. Impoverished areas are likely to bear the brunt, health officials say.

Police say they've learned the true identity of one of the people allegedly involved in supporting the Paris attacks. That suspect is Laachroui Najim, who used a fake name and is wanted for arrest.

President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro will meet on Monday, to discuss trade restrictions and human rights, among other things.

This week, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, will speak at the AIPAC conference in an effort to convince the American Jewish lobby that he has a serious pro-Israel foreign policy.

Among Donald Trump's high profile supporters is Roger Stone, who has worked for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. He lobbied for Trump's casino businesses in the '90s and now supports his candidacy.

Look around any office and you'll see them: standing desks. They're the current craze in workplace fitness. We know that too much sitting is bad for your health so it makes sense that standing would be better, but there's no science to back that up. A new study finds these desks may be fashionable but they're not proven good for your health.

Just before President Obama began his history-making visit to Cuba Sunday, police rounded up dissidents, fueling criticism that he has failed to win needed concessions from the Castro regime.




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