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The president told Fox News "you can say goodbye" to Puerto Rico's $73 billion in debt. But the White House quickly walked back the remarks.

"I don't think we do Ali any good by treating him as a saint," says biographer Jonathan Eig. "He was a human being, and he was deeply flawed, but ... he had the spirit of a rebel."

Looking back on the vanished styles and language of the hippie movement, linguist Geoff Nunberg says, "The most persistent single pejorative term to come out of the era is 'hippie' itself."

The platforms promoted the name of a man falsely accused of being the shooter by surfacing less-credible sites. The companies say they're working on fixes, but analysts say the challenge is massive.

American rocker Tom Petty has died at age 66. Petty is known for hits like "American Girl" and "Refugee" — hard driving paeans to everyday folks.

For centuries, scientists thought the human brain had no direct connection to the body's immune system. Now researchers seem to have found one, and say it may offer clues to multiple sclerosis, too.

Sunday night's attack at the Route 91 Harvest Festival left 527 people injured and 59 people dead.

Three scientists won this year's Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of gravitational waves. These ripples in space and time are generated when really big things, like black holes, collide.

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Tawny Finn, who lost her younger sister Angie Gomez Sunday night. Gomez was shot and killed while attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, NPR's Mary Louise Kelly takes stock of the mood amid vigils to those who lost their lives on Sunday and tourists returning to the city as usual.




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