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Sunday marks 10-day deadline Saudi Arabia gave Qatar to meet several demands in the ongoing fight between the two U.S. allies. The U.S. is trying to keep both countries in the fight against ISIS.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Javier Corrales, a professor at Amherst College who studies Latin American democracies, about Venezuela's economic and political crises.

A court in India declared its holiest river is entitled to the same rights as a person that would include the right to sue polluters. Still, many think the divine waters are unimpacted by pollution.

As they drill more wells to water crops, drought-stricken farmers in southwest Spain confront environmentalists in Doñana National Park, a migratory bird refuge that's lost 80 percent of its aquifer.

Their work on politics, music and local issues is tolerated by the state, but can still be censored or shut down. "They are committed to expressing themselves through this format," says a Cuba expert.

Emily Ekins pushes back against the idea of one type of Trump voter. Her research for the Voter Study Group reveals the coalition that delivered President Trump the White House.

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro discusses the Catholic Church's response to its sexual abuse scandal with Marie Collins, who recently resigned from the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

In this week's Call-In, NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with health reporters about the impact the current Senate health care bill will have — and answer callers' specific questions.

Most of the 56,000 eyes sent to the little lab in Wisconsin come from vets who want help diagnosing dogs, cats and horses. But the repository also has eyes from sloths, elephant seals and dragonflies.

Some progressives and women hoped Ivanka Trump would be a moderating force on her father. But, five months into his new administration, there is limited evidence that it's working out that way.




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